Ode to the abode

This post is dedicated to Nicole who lives in a real house and is fixing it up all the time. I aspire to be a DIYer like her. Maybe not in a rental, but somewhere down the road. She challenged me to show pictures of my digs because I keep bugging her to show pics of hers:

Oh, hotel room
Oh, hotel room
You bring me joy and pain
Your square footage is small
There’s no privacy at all
Strike the joy, you only bring pain.


I should say though that I do consider it a blessing for us to be living in the neighborhood we’re going to be living in, so I was and still am prepared to go through what we need to go through to be able to live there. Even living in a hotel room this size for six weeks. It looks messy in this picture, it isn’t that messy all the time. Hey look! You can even see one of our cats looking out the window, probably trying to plan his escape. Really though, you’re not seeing the whole room. I am standing in the expansive kitchen with the bathroom to the right of me. See:


Well, you really can’t see all that well (Ashlyn took the picture, she’s 2). I lied, the kitchen is nowhere near expansive. Here’s another one she took:


That’s our dresser/tv stand. Yes, that is food on the bed, why do you ask? We’re in a hotel room, we take liberties.

Here’s where Reagan sleeps:


After day two we stopped pulling out the fold-out bed, per her request. Here’s where Ashlyn sleeps:


Those are sheets and towels strategically placed around her pack n play to prevent her from seeing us at night, which keeps her awake longer. She’s sacked out here though.

So, that’s our living quarters in a nutshell. It basically is a nutshell. In eight days we’ll be living in a mansion…ish house with no furniture or household goods. That still has to be scheduled to be delivered and I want it delivered after we paint. Painting, that’s my DIY project for the rental.

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6 thoughts on “Ode to the abode

  1. It’s a blessing to have our health, a place out of the heat and our cats…OK scratch the last one. The cats roam in the middle of the night and jump on the bed, then the sofa, then stand at the window, then paw at the door, then paw at the kitchen counter door, then use the litter box and paw the ground for 10 minutes, then eat their crunchy food one piece at a time, then chase each other around, then they sleep for 30 seconds. Then they start roaming again…meanwhile I KEEP GETTING WOKEN UP – AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

  2. Wow …*blushing*
    Again, I don’t know HOW you do this. I can learn to live with the microwave under the table and the kitchen cart behind the sofa and the sink still in the box between the buffet and a chair in the dining room … but four people (when two of them are of the little variety) and two cats in a hotel room FOR SIX WEEKS?

    THAT is the path to sainthood. If it’s not, it should be.

  3. Goodness, you are a stronger woman than I. I give you all kinds of credit for testing your patience and sanity by living in a hotel room for that long. I’m sure you will appreciate your abode even more once it’s all over!

  4. Thanks for the photos. Ashlyn did a wonderful job! I know you are relieved to know that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t another train, after all!
    We look forward to pics of the mansion-ish when you get settled! Maybe Ashlyn can help you out again.: )

  5. Bless y’all.

    No, really…bless you. You are the exact mother to handle this situation. ‘Cause I’d have died about 2 weeks ago. I’m totally serious, too. You’ve got my vote for Mother of the Year.

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