Pentagon Memorial 09/11/09

It was a surreal experience all around. It was cloudy, yet the sun was shining down upon us, and yet rain was falling. And it wasn’t really falling in drops; the wind was blowing in such a way that it felt more like rain was being flicked at us. My senses were on edge and it almost felt wrong to be standing at a place, peaceful now, where so many people lost their lives so recently.





The white wreath was probably placed by the president. The other wreath was placed by Arlington County. We were there to “take part” in the Arlington County wreath ceremony and moment of silence.


Each bench memorializes one victim. They are in order of year of birth.

The benches that face out (like the ones closest in this photo) represent each person that was working at the Pentagon that day. (You can see the Air Force Memorial in the background)


Each bench that faces toward the Pentagon represent each person that was on the plane.


They have a fluid, wing-like design


and underneath each one is a flowing pool of water


On the edge of each bench is the name of one victim.

If there were any family members that perished as well those names are on the silver plate that is down by Reagan’s hand.


Before we went to the memorial we did our part on the National Day of Service. We got around 50 cans of food and delivered them to the local food bank.



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