It’s so warm

Remember the ugly as sin hedgehog pin cushion that I sewed?

Not everything I sew is bugly (butt ugly). I really can sew cute. Take a look:

Yes, that’s V² doing her duty to make sure the fit is correct!

I talked about making this jacket when I posted that ugly little hedgehog. It didn’t take me long to sew it at all. I started in the late afternoon, and if I would not have messed up the flounce (and had to recut and sew that) I would have finished that night. I can’t believe how simple it was.

Several things made it simple.

  1. The fabric is some kind of fleece/felt hybrid. JoAnn sold it as fleece but the feel and look is more felt. I was just excited to be getting it at about $5 a yard.
  2. It’s not lined. The directions didn’t call for it to be. I am still at the follow the pattern directions phase.
  3. Fleece/felt doesn’t unravel and therefore I didn’t have to finish any of the edges. Saved tons of time.
  4. The hardest thing was sewing the sleeves in. Actually not even that. That hardest thing was gathering the puffiness of the sleeve equally, and I didn’t do that perfectly.

The biggest compliment is that no one has complimented it at all. Sounds odd, I’ll explain. I think if it looked homemade people might comment and asked if I made it. That and if people around here actually knew that I sew. I think people think it’s a store-bought jacket. Or they really think it’s ugly and just aren’t saying anything because it’s ugly to them. I’m proud of it though.

Now I just need a pink turtle neck to wear with it. Oh, and I’m actually not done with it. I still haven’t hemmed the cuffs. If I make this again (I’ve got my eye on a cute green fleece) I’m going to make the sleeves a little bit longer so I’ll have more fabric to play with at the cuffs. As it is now I’m not sure I have a whole lot. And as I’ve said before, if I’m worried about messing something up I tend to put off doing it. So I’ve just been wearing it like this. Good thing the fleece/felt doesn’t unravel.

Next up: a dress made out of this fabric

It’s a coral/pinkish stretchy rib knit-type fabric with gold thread. It’s Juicy Couture fabric, which probably says all I need to say. What was I thinking?! I’ll tell ya, SALE. G Street Fabrics was having a sale on all their Juicy and I fell for this fabric right away. We’ll see what I look like once the dress is made. I promise I’m not making a tube dress.

P.S. I realize I was remiss in giving you the pattern information. If you’re interested in sewing one for yourself the pattern is Simplicity 4032, option D. The package shows the jacket in the green I want to try next.

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8 thoughts on “It’s so warm

  1. Love the jacket! I learned to sew at age 13 and have done quite a bit but for some reason haven’t tackled many jackets. I really love this pattern though… care to share the brand/number?

  2. I love it!! It turned out great! And where do you find Juicy Couture fabric? I’m pretty sure it’s not Hancock’s 🙂 We’re getting a JoAnn’s in Montgomery next month though!

  3. Hi, I have a question for you – I’m trying to make this jacket (my first attempt at a jacket!!!) and the stitches in front, up the middle, did you stitch the piece together first in the usual under the material way, and then go over it with a zigzag or did you overlap the material and stitch a zigzag? I don’t want to proceed and screw it up – would appreciate your two cents

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