Practice makes…better

I think the only thing I’m naturally good at is being lazy. That is not necessarily a good thing and so I stay busy with life’s chores. I am getting pretty good at working my hobbies into the to do list, and for the most part right now that’s just making sure I take a picture every day.

I also like to sew, but with the size of our house there’s no way to keep the machine and supplies out all the time to slowly work on projects. Therefore, when I’m going to sew I have to devote enough time to it to be able to get the project finished. Otherwise my projects just sit, and sit. When you can’t devote a lot of time to your hobby it’s hard to get better. I like to sew clothes and so when I can’t devote a lot of time to sewing the clothes that I sew aren’t very good.

This weekend I was able to spend the whole weekend marathon sewing with some friends. I sewed several clothes and was so happy to be able to complete the projects. Of course these things are not runway worthy. I may end up wearing them out of the house. I was upset at first as to why my garments don’t turn out as cute as the pictures on the front of the pattern packets. I had to remind myself, that like all things in life, practice makes better.

My sewing nook this weekend. Kitty cat is making sure my chair stays warm…

I’m not interested in trying to make things perfect. Perfect only existed once, 2,000 years ago. So at least I’m not trying to achieve perfection. I would like to achieve good though. HA! It’s helpful to look at anything we do as practice. That way when we’re less than satisfied with our results, whether it be with sewing or picture taking or cooking or parenting or what have you, we can look at it and at least be ok with the fact that that experience is helping us to be better the next time. It’s a matter of always trying to learn from the experience. That is what turns it from a potential failure to practicing to be better.

Wanting to continue to practice and finding the time to actually do that are two different things. Here’s to rearranging my to do list and my house just enough to be able to fit practicing in there a little better.


It’s so warm

Remember the ugly as sin hedgehog pin cushion that I sewed?

Not everything I sew is bugly (butt ugly). I really can sew cute. Take a look:

Yes, that’s V² doing her duty to make sure the fit is correct!

I talked about making this jacket when I posted that ugly little hedgehog. It didn’t take me long to sew it at all. I started in the late afternoon, and if I would not have messed up the flounce (and had to recut and sew that) I would have finished that night. I can’t believe how simple it was.

Several things made it simple.

  1. The fabric is some kind of fleece/felt hybrid. JoAnn sold it as fleece but the feel and look is more felt. I was just excited to be getting it at about $5 a yard.
  2. It’s not lined. The directions didn’t call for it to be. I am still at the follow the pattern directions phase.
  3. Fleece/felt doesn’t unravel and therefore I didn’t have to finish any of the edges. Saved tons of time.
  4. The hardest thing was sewing the sleeves in. Actually not even that. That hardest thing was gathering the puffiness of the sleeve equally, and I didn’t do that perfectly.

The biggest compliment is that no one has complimented it at all. Sounds odd, I’ll explain. I think if it looked homemade people might comment and asked if I made it. That and if people around here actually knew that I sew. I think people think it’s a store-bought jacket. Or they really think it’s ugly and just aren’t saying anything because it’s ugly to them. I’m proud of it though.

Now I just need a pink turtle neck to wear with it. Oh, and I’m actually not done with it. I still haven’t hemmed the cuffs. If I make this again (I’ve got my eye on a cute green fleece) I’m going to make the sleeves a little bit longer so I’ll have more fabric to play with at the cuffs. As it is now I’m not sure I have a whole lot. And as I’ve said before, if I’m worried about messing something up I tend to put off doing it. So I’ve just been wearing it like this. Good thing the fleece/felt doesn’t unravel.

Next up: a dress made out of this fabric

It’s a coral/pinkish stretchy rib knit-type fabric with gold thread. It’s Juicy Couture fabric, which probably says all I need to say. What was I thinking?! I’ll tell ya, SALE. G Street Fabrics was having a sale on all their Juicy and I fell for this fabric right away. We’ll see what I look like once the dress is made. I promise I’m not making a tube dress.

P.S. I realize I was remiss in giving you the pattern information. If you’re interested in sewing one for yourself the pattern is Simplicity 4032, option D. The package shows the jacket in the green I want to try next.

She’s Crafty…Fall Edition

Each season has something to look forward to:

Spring has Spring Cleaning, which I can’t say I’ve ever really looked forward to that.
Winter has Christmas and all the holiday cheer.
Summer has July 4th, cookouts and sun.

Now Fall has something great to look forward to…other than the cooling temperatures, which I’m pretty happy about (and I’ve already started shopping for Fall clothes so when’s the temp going to drop around here already!):


Tiffany showed us how to make some really cute pumpkins. These are my versions:

Mini Preppies

Miss Preppy

Plaid and goldish


Gold and plaidish

Gold and plaidish

Joined my Miss Brown

Joined my Miss Brown

Reagan's design

Reagan designed this one

Went a little crazy no? I think they’re so cute. I’ve got to find a way to accent the ones outside my front door. I’m thinking bales of hay…but that may get a little too cuntrified juxtaposed with the preppy bows…


And, I can’t wait to make these magnet boards Julie showed us.

These are Julie's trays, make no mistake

These are from Julie

I’ve asked her probably too many questions about the craft and she’s given me hints and tricks.
I’ve got the:

  • paint
  • sealer
  • paper
  • little clear pebbles to make the magnets

I just need:

  • the cookie sheets (I have to find a dollar store around here)
  • the magnet sheets


This Fall has energized my creativity. I can’t wait to do more. Oh, one more (I know). I made this Operating Room hat for my cousin:

Reagan models the hat
Reagan models the hat

It kind of makes me want to become an OR nurse…or convince Reagan to become one.

Mowin’ and Sewin’

They say when you do a job you should do your best at it. Put your best food forward and maximize your effort. They also say to own it–make it your own. I’d say I did that today.


I needed to mow the lawn again. It couldn’t wait until the weekend for Du. So, I did my best and made it my own:


A close up of the awesomeness.

And it’s still like, yes it is. I mowed around the letters so the grass wouldn’t be knee high by the time I got around to actually cutting the whole yard. I hope a plane flies over and sees this. I have a connection in the helicopter sector…hmmm…my brain is working…

I could be starting a new fad. Lawn personalization. Here’s my new tag: 

Sew Petit
Personalized baby items…and lawns.


My other foray into putting my best foot forward and making it my own is this:

This is the first jacket I’ve ever made. I started it yesterday and had little distractions to contend with both days. It was actually pretty easy. Even setting the sleeves in.

This is a close up of the buttons. They’re for show.

A close up of the slit in the sleeve. That was the hardest part–figuring out how to turn it from inside out to right side out. I love the shiny material. Du’s not so hot on it. But, he doesn’t have to wear it does he? He must stand by me though when I’m showing it off.


I’d say I was pretty creative today.

My Latest Sewing Adventure

Well, I actually made this in April. Where does the time go? I’m taking a serger class right now and have been busy working on a big order for Sew Petit, so I haven’t been able to do any other pleasure sewing since this.

It’s the first time I’ve worked with knit fabric. I know, where have I been. And I used my serger to make it. Is it becoming obvious that I was under professional tutelage while constructing this garment? If you live in the KC area you must visit Zoelee and take a sewing class. You must. I got some other knit fabric from her and plan on replicating this. On my own. I also plan on embroidering a cute little monogram or appliqueing an initial on the top. We’ll see if I get around to that soon. Judging from the timeliness of this post I’d say it ain’t happening before we move. I just may surprise myself though.


And here’s a picture of Reagan pretending to be a jaguar. You know, to match the print and all:

Further clothes making adventures

Seamstress Vicki strikes again! No blood and no broken needles. I think that’s a record. These are the first adult pants and top I’ve made.

The pants zip on the left side of the waist. They fit at the waist but are roomy throughout the rest of the length. I can probably take them in. My first alteration job as well…

I’m really pleased with the top. It is cinched or whatever at the waist with a cord. I still have to cut the cord to length. Haven’t figured out what that length should be yet.

All that’s left is the jacket! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then read this post.

Overall this outfit could have been sewn in one day. Actually just one evening. Continuous interruptions last night and forcing myself to go to bed at a decent hour means that I had to leave the cuffs of the pant legs until tonight. I really am surprised at how quickly it all came together. I’m sure it helped sewing with normal fabric and not paper-thin slinky stuff.