Is it too much to ask for?

I live in a big city. With lots of people. With escalators. Why can’t I find a small umbrella stroller with a basket for carrying packages? And titanium wheels on ball bearings? And possibly a jet engine? Oh, and doesn’t cost a lot because I don’t want to keep it forever?

A behemoth stroller would be nice  but it is completely impractical for our life. Ashlyn is three and doesn’t need a stroller most of the time. It’s great to have when we’re doing our marathon sight-seeing days though. In doing my minimal amount of research I haven’t found a small stroller that has good wheels and a place for stashing bags. I’ve looked at jogging strollers but those things are pretty big. I need something that’s going to fold up into the size of a toothpick in order to get on and off the buses and metros easily. Not to mention to actually fit in my car.

And so the quest continues. If you know of a stroller that fits these qualifications please, please, please tell me of it. I’ll name ours after you.

  • lightweight
  • cheap
  • good wheels for steering on uneven pavement/gravel/grass/people’s feet
  • storage area because we all know why people really use strollers
  • high enough handles or push bar because I’m tired of being the only person short enough to push ours around
  • folds up very compact–people can be pretty unaccommodating in small public spaces
  • self-propelled–I’d be willing to pay extra for this. Who knew that every single place you’d try to steer a stroller would be uphill?

Thank you very much!

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12 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask for?

  1. I saw one last summer? And I’m not kidding, I think it was from Walmart or Kmart or one of those discounters. Light enough to take anywhere, folded up and had a basket underneath and a canvas topper.

    As for the tires? Can’t remember if they were any good…

  2. I have been on a hunt for a good one, too…. we just sold our travel system. The best reviews I’ve seen on one under $100 is the First Years Ignite stroller (, as well as the First Years Jet stroller. Both are said to have tall handles. I had a Combi with Alex and I hated it…. I was always kicking the back of it. Jonathan had it worse than me, so it was always defaulted for me to push it. I’ve also heard that the Maclaren Volo is a good stroller. I saw some of them on sale at for right at $100, but if you’ve never used them before you can get a % off your order, plus free shipping.

  3. We received one from the grandparents when my now three year old was one and it was from Walmart. It has been a great stroller with basket and shade for those trips to the zoo, etc when he still needs a ride. I think $35 range too.

  4. maclaren meets most of your demands except cheap (try craigslist?) and self-propelled. our triumph is so light, though, that if you hang something on the back and then take the child out, it falls over backwards. my only complaint. joey even ran over it with the car and you’d never know.

  5. I know Wal-Mart has several to choose from. (Online anyway.) I wanted to make sure before buying a gift card for one of our needy families back at the holidays to get an idea of selection and price range.

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks for all the ideas y’all. Right now we have a KMart or Target stroller that is the $10-$20 special. It is so hard to steer. I’m not sure what brand it is. Your comments definitely give me something more to research.

  7. We have a chicco that meets most demands – I fell for it because it comes with a carrying bag and folds up small enough to fit in the bag and then it looks like you’re carrying a camping chair. We also had a Combi for a while. Both of them have been pretty good, but to be honest we hardly ever use it anyway.

  8. We love out Chicco!
    We also got this saddle bag for the side for even more storage (and cup holders).

    The stroller is super lightweight, steers & turns easily, and folds up small. The height is pretty good- I’m 5’6”, and it is great for me.

    1. Thanks for the advice. How tall is your husband and does he have to bend over to steer it? My hubby is 5’11” and I’d really like him to take the reins every once in a while.

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