I expect the sleep

Now that we no longer have toddlers, I fully expect to sleep until my alarm wakes me up in the morning. And yet, the sleep is becoming elusive. Our youngest daughter, who just turned ten, has begun having trouble sleeping through the night. She hears things. She gets paranoid by the things she hears. SheContinue reading “I expect the sleep”

Baking Time

I mentioned that Daddy is so good with spending time with his girls. He’s even good in the kitchen. And there’s always goodies to taste afterwards. I love lifestyle photography. You don’t have to have a large living space to make lifestyle photography work. This kitchen was a tiny galley kitchen. Fortunately it had thisContinue reading “Baking Time”

We Love Daddy

Sometimes Daddy goes away on business trips. Sometimes we miss him lots. Sometimes we let him know. The girls were younger in this pic and it was hard for them to hold the sign at just the right angle. My shutter speed should have been a little faster. I decreased the saturation, increased the contrast,Continue reading “We Love Daddy”

The kids have gone cra cra

As a parent it becomes your duty to force your kids to help clean up around the house. Chores, whether paid or not, are doled out to the kids like unsuspected torture and the noises that come from their little pie holes make it seem like no one’s ever had life as rough. All thatContinue reading “The kids have gone cra cra”

Notes to self on birthday prep

Notes to self regarding birthday prep and celebrations: When using gel to color butter cream frosting take note that it will intensify in color over time. I was worried about Hello Kitty’s bow being pink when it’s supposed to be red so I added the entire little container of red gel coloring to my 1Continue reading “Notes to self on birthday prep”