BFF* is such a loaded and deep term. Who am I kidding. It’s used to mean anything from, “you’re my life-long friend in whom I can always trust and confide” to “hey, I just met you, I don’t really know you, but we seem to like the same things so I’m going to pretend that we’re best buddies…or besties”.

Now, normally BFF is used more in the feminine circles. Girls tend to collect friends like jewelry…costume and fine (and you can probably guess which each of you tend to collect more of, hmmm?). Guys don’t really collect friends so there’s not usually the need for them to use such terms like “BFF”.

Unless you’re my Β husband…

and my brother…

Lately they have become BFFs in every sense of the word. They will be life-long friends and can confide in each other and they like the same things and gossip about others (mainly me). The pictures above were probably the beginning of their BFF status. They even like to take the same style pictures. And here they are sharing secrets with each other:

Subtle. I know. They call each other all the time and talk about all the little things going on in their lives. Richard used to call me to tell me about that stuff, and I would relay that information to Du. Sometimes I would forget though, and so Du would be uninformed and ill-equipped. Like that time I was supposed to tell him to pack his golf clubs on our trip to the beach. Oops. Maybe it was my lack of attention that drove them together. Be that as it may, their BFF relationship has been blossoming and pushing me out.

This came to a head last night as my brother and I were texting each other, and at the same time my brother and my husband were texting each other. Here’s (somewhat) how the texting convos went down:

Du (to Bro): Dude, Vicki’s sitting next to me texting you. She’s, like, so lame for wanting to be friends with us.
Bro (to Du): I know dude. I couldn’t help texting back to her though. She was feeling unloved.
Du: laughs maniacally

At that point I grabbed Du’s phone to see what could be so freaking funny.

Me (to Bro): Unloved huh?
Bro (to me): (verbatim) “I could see u were getting upset at me callin him and not u. Can someone say JEALOUS”

Then there were some words used that we really should not discuss. Like “loser”. And “Obama groupy”. It got rough.

Richard suggested we get counseling the next time he’s up for a visit. I don’t know though. I kinda like how he and Du are BFF now. It means that I don’t have to be responsible any more for passing along all those details that I could never seem to remember to pass along. I like my guy having a BFF.

*For those who weren’t 8-18 in the 80s or who haven’t been around for its resurgence in the 8-38 crowd this go around, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever.

NB: Little to none of this post may be true. Other than the male BFF part.

And P.S. You’ve got to check out my hubby’s comment defending himself below. It’s cute.

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28 thoughts on “The BFF

  1. 1. The pictures prove nothing
    2. I think the NB says it all,
    3. Can’t guys have friends to talk about cars, football, and sisters/wives without a stigma?

    1. I haven’t seen “I love you man”, but I’ve heard about it. I’ll have to check it out. Although, I’d feel kind of weird calling the friendship between my hubby and brother a bromance…sounds icky putting it that way πŸ™‚

  2. Awww that’s a wasy sweet blog post. Hurt you’re a nut for being hurt πŸ˜‰ I’d be totally thrilled if I had a husband or boyfriend who had a BFF, it would mean he’s a sensitive, loving, caring guy.

    Keep posting on this. I want to follow th male BFF relationship, since it’s as rare as a dodo bird. πŸ˜€

    1. You’re right! I need to keep some kind of BFF/bromance diary and post updates. Although I feel creepy calling a friendship between my hubby and brother a bromance. Thanks!

  3. Funny! πŸ™‚

    I, too, have noted how overused (if not abused) BFF has made the term “best friend.” That’s why some time back I created a new designation for my previous BFF: MEF (Most Excellent Friend).

    We now regularly refer to one another that way and I can’t help but laugh every time I see it!

    1. MEF is a good one! Just be very careful when pronouncing it out loud…it might sound too much like MILF. πŸ˜‰ I feel silly when using BFF other than in a joking way. I have maybe one or two friends who I would consider friends for life, and we don’t talk that way to each other.

  4. As long as there aren’t any BFF lockets or engraved golf clubs, having a spouse and a sibling be so friendly and accepting of each other has more benefits than drawbacks?

    If you can’t get a hold of one of them, the other will surely know why.

  5. As long as you don’t feel that your relationship is being jeopardized. In “I love you man” at one point he starts spending more time with his best friend than with his girlfriend and you can tell that at some point it could get a little creepy if not weird.

    1. Yeah, that would be weird. We live several states away so for now it’s just random texts. My hubby’s got his priorities straight and I would set him straight if they weren’t πŸ˜‰

    1. My husband and I have each been typing on our respective phones right next to each other and have been asked if we’re texting each other. I’m to the point where I think I might just answer “yes” the next time πŸ˜‰

  6. It’s awesome when family can be friends. My SIL is one of my closest friends…though it does create a weird triangle sometimes when I’m getting info about their lives from both my brother and my SIL. Look forward to seeing how our friendship continues to grow.

  7. Interesting post – if only because I’m probably more “out there on the fringe” than most other guys – although I’m married with kids, the friends I might perhaps put in the “BFF” category are female. Figure that one out πŸ™‚

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