Mood killer

We had finished dinner and were having a nice relaxing family-style evening in the living room. It’s our desire to get a new Christmas album every year so I was forcing Du to play guess the artist by searching through Amazon MP3 albums and listening to snippets of songs. We found country albums, pop albums, even a Christmas album by Annie Lennox, which actually wasn’t that bad. The girls were enjoying listening to the different songs and were so amused that the voice of Annie Lennox was indeed that of a girl.

Then I saw it. The 80’s Christmas Album of various artists with a huge ol’ picture of NKOTB* on the front.

I just had to know what kind of 80’s holiday songs would be on there, and even better, I just had to know if Du could correctly guess the artists. There was everyone from Bruce Springsteen to RUN-DMC to the Pretenders to Dolly Parton to Joan Jett and of course NKOTB. There was also Bryan Adams. For all 100% of you that don’t know or don’t remember, at our wedding we danced to the song Heaven by Bryan Adams.

I hit the play button and Bryan Adams belted out a snippet of Run, Rudolph, Run. Du couldn’t guess who was singing. I played it again (Amazon only gives you 30 seconds to listen to a song). Nothing. So I pulled up YouTube and searched for the song he would definitely recognize. When it started playing Du immediately knew who was singing, and then we had to explain to the girls why we were getting all mushy and holding hands and staring at each other. When they heard that was a song we danced to at our wedding (weddings are magical things to young girls) they jumped up, ran to each other and started dancing with each other. It made Du and me cry even more.

Emotions were running high. The love was palpable. Tears were flowing. I was taking pictures as quickly as I could with my phone. Then all of a sudden Reagan stopped dancing and asked:

Did somebody toot?!

Screech! Record scratched while music is halted.

Ashlyn looks up at her big sister and admits, with a big ol’ smile:

I did!

And so it goes. Romantic moments are just never the same once kids are involved.

*For those of you who weren’t female tweens in the 80s, New Kids on the Block were, like, it. If you didn’t have a crush on at least one of those boys then you were, like, Amish or something.

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9 thoughts on “Mood killer

  1. LOL! SO true… so true! Funny, NKOTB (along with the Backstreet Boys) closed the AMA’s Sunday night. They were terrible. But I loved me some NKOTB back in the day. Even had a shirt with Joe’s face on it. 🙂

  2. Joe!! He was my future husband. Fortunately that didn’t work out!

    I was so surprised when the boy bands became hot in the 90s, like that had never happened before. Pop culture has a SHORT memory.

  3. Vicki was the only one crying, I think I had a piece of lint get in my eye 🙂
    Ahh, yes, it was a good family evening. It is nice remembering the past but also knowing that the song is still true – I’m in heaven being married to Vicki.

    1. New Kids on the Block, let’s rock! It’s Christmastime! We’re gonna celebrate it with a rhyme. Danny D, are you ready? Ready as I’ll ever be. Steady. You know Joey Joe is ready! Jordan and John, yeah, come on, we got a funky, funky Christmas goin’ on!

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