Love in any language (well, 8 of them) – Valentine’s craft

For Valentine’s Day, our co-op is having the kids decorate boxes and exchange valentines cards. The girls are almost finished with their box, but I wanted to show you the valentines we’ll be handing out.


I found the idea on Pinterest by searching for Valentine’s and the Silhouette machine. Once I saw this one I knew it was the one I wanted to try and quickly went over to Lauren’s blog: The Thinking Closet. She has a great step-by-step tutorial. I love using my Silhouette machine and this was a great chance for me to learn a couple new things!

Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili, French
Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili, French

I used the same font as Lauren (she includes a link in her post). I sized the colored hearts to be 3″ so the black hearts and words are about 2.5″.

Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili

I used a glue stick to adhere the wording onto the colored heart.

Italian, Spanish, German
Italian, Spanish, German

On the back, I wrote “love” in . . . and whichever language it is. Lauren used several languages with accents. I am lazy didn’t have the time to figure out accents on my keyboard so I eliminated those and added one or two that had “plain” letters.

And. . . I couldn’t forget Russia. An ode to the Olympics. . .


I also didn’t bother with Cyrillic.

All in all it took two pieces of black 12×12 paper and 2 pieces of colored 12×12 paper to make 32 Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. If you haven’t been introduced to a Silhouette machine yet, head on over to Silhouette America. It’s a cutting machine that can cut any design or font that you have on your computer. It cuts so many different materials, too. Paper, vinyl, fabric. . . You don’t need cartridges, just your imagination and a computer!

Advent Calendar for 2012 and 2013

I create an advent calendar each year for Christmas using my Silhouette machine. Here’s the one I’ve done the past two years:

Here’s the one I’d like to try this year:

Credit: HomeStoriesAtoZ.comIt’s found here: Home Stories A to Z and the photo above is credited to Beth.

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