He’s probably the sweetest member of our family. He’s been with us for only five months less than Ash has (almost 10 years!). They’ve grown up together and because of that, he doesn’t mind being around little kids. Adults on the other hand. . . We’ve been feeding him for ten years and he’s still not 100% sure he can trust us.

He wasn’t a lap cat for the first 8 years of his life, but lately he enjoys crawling into my lap to take about a 30 minute nap. Thankfully that’s the extent of it, because my legs are asleep by the time he’s leaping out! He’s not a small cat — 14 pounds!

A cat licks its paw behind a sheer curtain. Photo by Not So SAHM

Silhouette – ProjectEdit365 – 25 Jan

Do you know what the pieces of wood are called that hold the panes of glass together? And that my cat has his paw parallel to? Head over to Project Edit 365 to see if you know the answer and to see how I edited the original photo. Thanks!

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Museum Silhouette

How long do we have to stay at the museum?

Our girls are really good about going out and doing adult things, like spending time at an art museum. There is some antsy-ness that goes on, but they’re learning how to either make things interesting or be patient while they die of boredom. Here, they were patient with Mommy as I asked them to pose in front of the window, knowing that I’d get a good silhouette. Well, somewhat patient.

Two girls stand in silhouette in front of a tall museum window. Not So SAHM

Museum Silhouette – Project Edit 365 – 03 Oct

The original was just dark. I blew out the highlights coming in from the window and turned it into black and white. I used a small adjustment brush on my daughter’s face so her features would stand out just a little. Here’s the original:



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Love in any language (well, 8 of them) – Valentine’s craft

For Valentine’s Day, our co-op is having the kids decorate boxes and exchange valentines cards. The girls are almost finished with their box, but I wanted to show you the valentines we’ll be handing out.



I found the idea on Pinterest by searching for Valentine’s and the Silhouette machine. Once I saw this one I knew it was the one I wanted to try and quickly went over to Lauren’s blog: The Thinking Closet. She has a great step-by-step tutorial. I love using my Silhouette machine and this was a great chance for me to learn a couple new things!

Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili, French

Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili, French

I used the same font as Lauren (she includes a link in her post). I sized the colored hearts to be 3″ so the black hearts and words are about 2.5″.


Greek, Hawaiian, Swahili

I used a glue stick to adhere the wording onto the colored heart.

Italian, Spanish, German

Italian, Spanish, German

On the back, I wrote “love” in . . . and whichever language it is. Lauren used several languages with accents. I am lazy didn’t have the time to figure out accents on my keyboard so I eliminated those and added one or two that had “plain” letters.

And. . . I couldn’t forget Russia. An ode to the Olympics. . .



I also didn’t bother with Cyrillic.

All in all it took two pieces of black 12×12 paper and 2 pieces of colored 12×12 paper to make 32 Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. If you haven’t been introduced to a Silhouette machine yet, head on over to Silhouette America. It’s a cutting machine that can cut any design or font that you have on your computer. It cuts so many different materials, too. Paper, vinyl, fabric. . . You don’t need cartridges, just your imagination and a computer!


Advent Calendar for 2012 and 2013

I create an advent calendar each year for Christmas using my Silhouette machine. Here’s the one I’ve done the past two years:

Here’s the one I’d like to try this year:

Credit: HomeStoriesAtoZ.comIt’s found here: Home Stories A to Z and the photo above is credited to Beth.

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