Project(s) Update – Week 3

I’m on a roll. I managed to take a picture everyday again this week. Will I be able to keep this up for 49 more weeks? So far I’m enjoying the challenge and it’s not a burden. Here’s what I took this week for Project 365 and Project 52 (16 Jan-22 Jan). The picture inContinue reading “Project(s) Update – Week 3”

Project 52 – weeks 1 & 2

To get better at taking pictures there is only one thing to do, take more pictures. In an effort to get better it seems that I am joining every single photo project that is starting up in January. What’s left of my organizational anal retentiveness flares its head in January and I aim to becomeContinue reading “Project 52 – weeks 1 & 2”

Thanksgiving Randomness

My phone has become my instant gratification in more ways than one. I love taking pictures on it, especially after downloading the Hipstamatic camera app on our 13+ hour drive down to Georgia. Here are some random shots from the weekend. Some with the Hipstamatic, some regular. Since I am posting this after a 13+Continue reading “Thanksgiving Randomness”