What I’d save in a fire…

LensProToGo’s challenge for week 3 is “Favorites”.* I posted last about what has quickly become a favorite of mine: New York City. To be true to their challenge I should to follow their guidelines…what do I love so much that I would want to save it above all else if my house were on fireContinue reading “What I’d save in a fire…”


It is now the middle of January when most New Year’s resolutions have been broken. Normally, at the beginning of the year, I have this boost of electron/synapse collaboration particularly between my organizational brain cells. I get all giddy about reorganizing my life, making what I already do more efficient and adding lots of otherContinue reading “Resolution”

Project 52 (2012) – Week 1

I didn’t get very far last year with Project 52. Events early on in the year conspired against me to kill my creativity and drive. I’m hoping that this year will be different. I’ve joined LensProToGo’s Project 52. Week 1 – A SELF PORTRAIT WITHOUT ME I love boots. I love scarves even more. WeaknessContinue reading “Project 52 (2012) – Week 1”