A hint of spring?

Doves have been visiting our backyard the past couple of afternoons. The first day I saw them there were no less than eight back there. Yesterday I saw only one. A pair usually takes up residence in our friends’ backyard. Maybe they’re trying out new digs, or they’ve invited their relatives to move closer toContinue reading “A hint of spring?”

Project(s) Update – Week 4

Here are this week’s Project 365 photos: 23-29 January. I’m still really enjoying trying to capture a picture a day. The Project 52 theme this week was Soothing Repetition. The rules state that you have to submit a picture taken within the specific week. I really wanted to submit this picture:   Check out theContinue reading “Project(s) Update – Week 4”

Diffusing flash with an index card

I am completely NOT qualified to be dispensing photography advice or help, but a couple people have asked about my homemade solution from diffusing the light from my camera flash, so I thought I’d share. This idea wasn’t completely mine. I thought about doing something like this but, of course, went to Google to seeContinue reading “Diffusing flash with an index card”