Ice Plant Path

Ice plant is not native to the Monterey Bay area, yet it grows like a weed there. I know it’s a nuisance to naturalists or plant nativists, but I think it’s pretty. I did so much to this picture because the original was so dark. I didn’t want to introduce too much warmth with yellowContinue reading “Ice Plant Path”

Lone Cypress

Just like any other landmark or iconic object, it is special to finally see it in person. Along 17 Mile Drive sits the Lone Cypress. Kind of all by its lonesome – it has many visitors to keep it company. The original was pretty dark. I increased the exposure, highlights, and contrast, and lightened theContinue reading “Lone Cypress”

Beach Squirrel?

Along 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach there are these cute little squirrel type animals that are so curious. I have a feeling they’re not afraid of humans due to all the tourists who feed them. We neither fed them nor pet them, but we did get very close! The original was a little flat. IContinue reading “Beach Squirrel?”

The Lone Cypress and a friendly. . .squirrel?

We toured 17-Mile Drive today. It’s a famous drive around the Pebble Beach area of the Monterey Peninsula. There are about 20 numbered stops along the drive. The girls and I had done a run in the area so we decided afterwards to do the drive. Make that, I decided that we should do theContinue reading “The Lone Cypress and a friendly. . .squirrel?”