Colonial Eagle Gasoline Sign

Somewhere near Fayetteville, NC stands this old sign. The longer you look at it, the more words and numbers you end up noticing! The original was crooked and flat (too bright outside!) and had telephone wires protruding from the back of it. I cropped to straighten and then cloned out all wires (not perfectly though).Continue reading “Colonial Eagle Gasoline Sign”

Herbs and potions

There might not be potions in the jars, but I bet if you mixed a couple you’d have something pretty powerful. These jars line the apothecary in Alexandria, VA I showed you the other day. The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop: I straightened up the original. I warmed the picture, decreased the contrast and increased the clarityContinue reading “Herbs and potions”


I saw this sprinkler alarm on the side of a building in downtown Macon, Georgia one day a couple years ago. I took a picture of it. Pretty random, but I was taking pictures of any and everything. But there’s something about old things. And in this one, I love that you can see theContinue reading “Antiquated”