Pure Joy

She exudes happiness wherever she goes.

She reminds me to live a little and enjoy the small things.

Girl jumps with pure joy from a park bench. Not so SAHM

Pure joy – ProjectEdit365 – 20 Dec

Seeing this photo reminds me that I either need to get my long lens repaired or buy a new one (an upgrade). This would be better if the background were more out of focus. See what I did to take the background out of focus, and see what the original looked like over at Project Edit 365. Thanks!

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She’s Unique

Walking around Old Town, Alexandria, I found this store. I think this describes us all. . .

A store sign outside of an Old Town, Alexandria shop. Not So SAHM

She’s Unique – ProjectEdit365 – 18 Dec

Click over to ProjectEdit365 to see the original and the edits I did. Thanks!

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Pensive Pose

My youngest helped me scout a location last year for a family shoot. We brought along the umbrella prop to play with. It would make more sense if there were even a cloud in the sky. I think she makes it work. 😉

Girl sits with umbrella thinking. Not So SAHM

Pensive pose – ProjectEdit365 – 13 Dec

The stump she’s sitting on is cool, but the background is all over the place. I cropped. . . head over to ProjectEdit365 to see the rest of the post and the original photo. I ran out of media space on this blog so I did what I should have done from the start – gave my project its own blog!

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Herbs and potions

There might not be potions in the jars, but I bet if you mixed a couple you’d have something pretty powerful. These jars line the apothecary in Alexandria, VA I showed you the other day.

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop:

Jars of herbs and medicine line the shelves of an apothecary in Alexandria, VA Not So SAHM

Jars of Potions – ProjectEdit365 – 11 July

I straightened up the original. I warmed the picture, decreased the contrast and increased the clarity and vibrance. I sharpened it and reduced the noise, and created a slight vignette. The main edit for this was straightening it and and warming it up a bit.


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Alexandria Apothecary

It’s been difficult posting each day without wifi at the house. I’ve been editing the pictures on the computer and airdropping them to my phone, where I then post onto the blog. The mobile WordPress site is great but lacks a couple of the features I normally use (or else I don’t know how to use it fully). Anyway, we’re back on track!

George Washington’s doctor visited here during Washington’s terminal illness. *We* visited on Harry Potter’s birthday and got a tour explaining medicinal properties of various plants, etc.

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary is one of the oldest pharmacies in America and served famous customers Not So SAHM

Alexandria Apothecary – ProjectEdit365 – 05 July

I wanted to edit the picture to look somewhat old. I cropped the original iPhone pic (which was square – meant for Instagram) and changed it to black and white. I decreased the clarity to soften it and increased the contrast to keep it from being too flat. I intensified the blacks just a little, gave it a small vignette and some grain. I increased the exposure just a little because it had gotten a bit too dark. Here’s the original:


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