Museum Silhouette

How long do we have to stay at the museum? Our girls are really good about going out and doing adult things, like spending time at an art museum. There is some antsy-ness that goes on, but they’re learning how to either make things interesting or be patient while they die of boredom. Here, theyContinue reading “Museum Silhouette”


Sort of like a sunburst, but with a plant. This one happens to be spiky: agave angustifolia. Taking away the color helps to see the texture better. I didn’t do too much with this photo: decreased the saturation; increased the contrast and clarity; and lightened the shadows a bit. Here’s the original: ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Plantburst”

First Taste

This may be the first time she tasted coffee. It’s definitely the first time she’s tasting strong Greek coffee. I love capturing everyday moments, but I don’t do it often enough. I’m so glad to see these as I flip through previous years’ pictures on my external. They’re really what the good memories are madeContinue reading “First Taste”

The Making of Mercury

Ash loves doing hands-on crafts and experiments. I like them in theory, but when it comes to it, and I have to gather all the supplies, and find the room, and find the time, . . . I’d just rather not. Horrible, so that’s why I’m just forcing myself to get over it. And now she’sContinue reading “The Making of Mercury”

Everyday activity

I read an article today from Artifact Uprising about documenting everyday life. That inspired me to take something I’ve already captured and edit it to make it look better. Shooting everyday life isn’t something I do much and I don’t feel like I’m very good at composing the shots. I’m going to have to work on that! MyContinue reading “Everyday activity”

Cotton Clouds

When I was little, I thought that we could really sit on clouds. Did you? They would be so soft, and somehow we wouldn’t fall. I remember the deep disappointment when I was told that this wasn’t true. I don’t think I’ve completely gotten over that one. The original was a cell phone picture through the windshieldContinue reading “Cotton Clouds”