Pensive Pose

My youngest helped me scout a location last year for a family shoot. We brought along the umbrella prop to play with. It would make more sense if there were even a cloud in the sky. I think she makes it work. ūüėČ The stump she’s sitting on is cool, but the background is allContinue reading “Pensive Pose”

Museum Silhouette

How long do we have to stay at the museum? Our girls are really good about going out and doing adult things, like spending time at an art museum. There is some antsy-ness that goes on, but they’re learning how to either make things interesting or be patient while they die of boredom. Here, theyContinue reading “Museum Silhouette”


A Capitol Fourth is always very crowded. Tip: go to the dress rehearsal the night before. Exact same show, somewhat manageable crowds. In 2015, it rained and all I had to capture images was my iPhone. I was so happy to catch the following: The original was all in color but I wanted to focusContinue reading “Patriot”


We took a stroll around Georgetown one day. I don’t remember what house or gardens this pathway is a part of, but cobblestone is always a good choice. The original: The main edit was going black and white and then “healing” out two magnolia seed pods along the cobblestone. ~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬†¬†~~~Continue reading “Pathway”

Silver-Spangled Banner

One of my favorite displays at the National¬†Museum of American History in Washington D.C. is the American flag – done in an original way. I love the texture and the different colors of the individual tiles. The whole flag (unedited) ~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬†¬†~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬†¬†~~~ ¬† ~~~ ¬† ~~~Continue reading “Silver-Spangled Banner”