6 months of ProjectEdit365

I started ProjectEdit365 in February, so today marks six months that I have been editing a picture a day! The time has flown. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of the project:

  • choosing the pictures
  • editing each one
  • posting the edits (on several different platforms)
  • printing out some of the pics

It doesn’t take up much time each day so I haven’t felt overwhelmed by the project (yet). There are some months. . . actually I think it’s every month, that I get to the last couple of days and wonder if I’m going to be able to find enough pictures to edit. Sometimes I gravitate to the already-pretty pictures and have to remind myself that this project is to learn how to edit better.

Do you want to participate? Here are the guidelines I’ve created and have been following:

  • I am only using pictures from the month in which we are in – from any year. So, with August coming up, I’m only going to use pictures that I’ve taken in Augusts of years past (and this year if I take any).
  • I am using Lightroom to edit, but that’s only because it’s what I’ve got. I have Photoshop Elements, but it’s not fast for me and I would love to get more proficient with Lightroom and then move on to learn how to use Photoshop (including Elements).
  • Sometimes I try to think outside the box and edit in a way that I wouldn’t initially think of. . . but much of the time I have an idea in my head already of what I want to try.
  • I tag each post with #ProjectEdit365

Here’s my work so far:

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


They say that fasting is healthy for you. It forces you to focus on what’s really important and re-prioritize things. What do they know?


I did it. I fasted from the computer for a whole day. A WHOLE DAY. Well, 14 hours, which is a whole day in my book. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Du made an agreement with me: if I could abstain from computer usage until 8pm then he would rub my back for a whole 30 minutes. Just to see if I could do it. Chills for 30 minutes? A challenge? I’m in.


Hello my lonely.

On a normal day, throughout the day I will check email, read posts that come in (remember, 75+ subscriptions…I cannot afford to wait to see them in a reader at the end of the day. I’m doing that now and it’s taking for freakin ever), make comments sometimes on said posts, learn CSS, play around with CSS, twit, window shop, actually do some work. It all takes time people. And although I was very productive today, my evening feels frantic and I’m lightheaded. I’ve got so much electronica to catch up on. I had over 130 emails waiting on me (Note to self: don’t subscribe to Lula‘s comment feed when you’re not going to check your email that day. Girl gets some comments.)


I shall now brag about how much I actually did get done today. I mowed the lawn; mowed the neighbor’s front yard; cleaned out the truck (two girls who self feed…gross); called utility companies to notify them of our pending move; did laundry; posted a letter or two; ran to WalMart, the post office and the car wash; fed chillins, played with chillins; babysat one of Reagan’s friends; altered a garment I didn’t quite like the look of; vacuumed; made dinner; what else. Oh, about every 15 minutes my mind would think, “ok, time to check in.” Then I would have to remind myself, I’m in it to win it.


So the dilemma is: I enjoyed being productive all day. But is it really efficient for me to save all my computer work till the end of the day? I know the answer people, I’m just asking rhetorically. I’ve got to find some good method of checking in and staying on top of it all, while still being as productive as I was today. This is going to force me to fire up that side of my brain that is all organizational and OCD and AR, that used to be oh so ever present up until the birth of number two. This is a good thing since we’re moving in some 20 odd days and I haven’t done a darn thing about it…except call the utility companies.


But for now, let’s all clap and cheer and slap me on the back (no, don’t do that, I hate that) and tell me how great I did today. It was all for a higher purpose.

Let’s get this party started

Oh what a bad blogger I am! I created this blog so long ago I forgot about it. Recently I’ve been wishing I could keep my family/friends a little bit more up to date with what goes on around here. I pulled this blog up and am laughing at how long it’s been. At first I looked at the dates below and saw January. I thought, “oh wow, it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted.” Then I took another look…at the YEAR…2006!!! It’s been almost TWO YEARS since I’ve posted. In one of the posts below I mention at how bad of a procrastinator I am. Well, this proves it doesn’t it?

We’ll see if attempt #2 succeeds.

I’m a procrastinator

Ok, I admit I’m a procastinator. I already knew that though. I envisioned writing in this web journal everyday. I envisioned having pithy comments everyday. Boy, was my vision…off. I should have known that I wouldn’t get to this everyday. And then I would think to myself that it’s no use now since I’ve missed a couple of days. I’m going to keep missing days, but that’s ok!

I’ve started watching the Food Network in hopes to become more inspired in the kitchen. And it is working. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t have good knives…and I don’t know how to use knives well, haha. Rachael Ray can cook wonderful meals in 30 minutes, but it would take me just 30 minutes to cut up the food! I’m not going to lay all the blame on my skill, I’m going to place some of the blame on my knives. The Eversharp isn’t so eversharp.

So Rachael uses her own Furi East/West knife and Giada de Laurentiis uses Global knives. They both chop food well and make delicious food. If I get one of their knives will I do the same? haha. I’m willing to try. Paula Dean makes absolutely delectable looking food, but I’d die of heart failure if I made her food all the time. I guess that’s where the word “moderation” comes in.

Our next stop…Myrtle Beach for our 10 year anniversary! I’ll see if they have wonderful knives in their outlet stores.

Hello World

I’ve been messing around with web design for a couple of years now and this is the first blog entry I’ve ever written. Web design should be qualified. I’ve dabbled in HTML code and FrontPage only for the sake of creating our family website.

A friend of mine has a blog and there’s a certain connectivity I feel with her when I can read her thoughts on a daily basis. I’ve read a couple of entries from random blogs also and all of these entries lead me to believe that mine will be the most boring-ly written blog ever. I’m not creative so don’t imagine you’ll get your daily quips and literary fixes from this site.

We’ll see if I can keep this up with a soon-to-be 4 year old, homeschooling, an impending move, and hundreds of other things that seem to fill my day but yet aren’t memorable.

So, hello world! I’m attempting to keep up!