Launching the business

New years are great for new beginnings. It’s refreshing to ring in a new year with a new planner, new ideas, new resolutions. . .and this year with a new business!

VSD Photography is officially launching on 01 January 2017!


There are multiple reasons I’m launching at this time in my life.

  • the girls are a little more self sufficient and better independent learners with homeschooling. I can focus a little bit more on my interests (this has been a long time coming!)
  • retirement may or may not be around a future corner for my husband (we honestly have no idea what the future holds!) so it’s a good time for me to start learning how to make money again.
  • Mostly: I love photography! and and am interested in pursuing it as an art and as a career.

There have been so many hoops to jump through and red tape to slash. I’m waiting on one more license and I will be fully official. Now to make the money to pay for all the licenses and taxes!


That’s me, ready take all the pictures! (It’s supposed to be a cinemagraph, but doesn’t support them. Try clicking and see if it takes you to the moving picture).

So, welcome 2017! I’m anticipating lots of good things!

What about you? What are your plans for the new year?

All the best,

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Taking A Break

I started Sew Petit last fall in order to fulfill a desire. The desire was (and still is) multifaceted. I wanted to be a business woman running my own company. I wanted an outlet for my sporadic creativity. I wanted to be able to create nice things for people. I wanted to be able to link up with a charity or some other organization where I could donate some of my wares or earnings. And all of these things I still desire.

However, my desire for a more stable and God-centered household for this next year are trumping my business yearnings. We plan to move again in a year and the process of getting a business set up in Alabama is no small thing, nor is it cheap. So, as of now and for the next year Sew Petit will be on hiatus. I have a Sew Petit blog over at Blogger, which I set up when I was changing site hosts, and I hope to make that active. This way people can stay informed as to what I’m doing by way of brainstorming and sewing.

I’m taking this one year opportunity to hopefully relax a little more, spend quality time with family, homeschool without distractions (yeah, right) and sew for myself and my girls. I do hope to still fulfill friends’ orders, but I’m not sure how to do that when I’m not a legitimate, license-holding, tax-paying business. When I was researching starting a business last summer I had originally wanted to be an online boutique only (like on a blog, website or Etsy). After talking with an attorney I realized that even in selling only online, I should technically and legally still get licensed within the state I was living. So, does anyone have ideas how I can legally still sell to friends (you know I only want to take their money when I’m taking a break, haha) while not being a business?

I’ll post the address of the Sew Petit blog as soon as I have it ready. Thanks to all the support I have received over the last year!

My first giveaway

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! Please see the new post for the winner! 

In order to spread the word about Sew Petit, and to have a little fun while I’m at it, I’m participating in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival this week. I will be giving away a set of burp cloths (value: $20). The winner will choose which set and will also get to choose their personalization. Go to the Sew Petit website to preview the merchandise and begin dreaming about which set you’ll choose if you win. Here are some examples:



Here are my rules:
1. The winner will be chosen on Friday, 01 February 2008 and announced in a post at 8AM Central. This means the contest is open all week and closes on Thursday, 31 January at 11:59PM. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.
2. To win you must leave a comment on this post…and only one comment please.
3. This giveaway is open to everyone reading this blog, bloggers and non-bloggers alike.
4. The winner will be contacted by email (along with being named in the winning post), so please type carefully!

Please note that I will get the winning burp cloths mailed out in the second two weeks of February…a girl’s entitled to a little winter vacay, right!

Photobucket    New Sew Petit Button


Well, the other night I had my first official rejection pertaining to the business. I submitted my website to a blog whose main purpose is to say how cool different kiddie things are, which in turn makes the blog readers want to rush out and click and buy those things. The blogger would decide if she wanted a sample of the goods and then would decide if she would even write about it. I received the rejection email, which stated my products weren’t “a good fit” for the site.

Why not? Because they’re super cute baby things? Because they’re handmade by a loving mother who wants to make sure all babies have cute monogrammed acceories? Because I’ve done something wrong? I think the main reason it stung was because it was a woman, supposedly a trendy, crafty mother, rejecting another mother who likes to think she’s trendy and crafty.

And that’s when it hit me. I didn’t need to worry about what this blog owner thought about my goods, or what she happened to think about me (pretty prideful of me to think that person was even thinking about me at all). I know exactly what God thinks of me and I have only to rest in that. Every other opinion shouldn’t matter. I’d like to think God put that in my mind right then.

And I believe He did. The very next morning my devotion was about…you guessed it, seeking affirmation or validation from sources other than God. To quote:

“When we draw close to God and discover the soul-affirming joy of fellowship with Him, then we find what we have truly been longing for. We learn that God can fill our empty spaces deep inside. We stop looking to sin-filled people in a fallen, broken world to validate us. While affirmation and validation will always be nice to have, we find we don’t need them the way we once did…People will always let you down, but God never will.”

It turns out, in another post submitted after my “rejection” this person admits she is one who likes modern, sleek, streamlined things. Well, obviously we’re not a good fit. My goods are more traditional, heirloom, southern with contemporary twist. No Swedish modernism here. (You might be wondering why I didn’t see that to begin with and know things wouldn’t work. Well the stuff on her blog isn’t all Swedish and modern, there’s lots of cute things on there too).

So, no need to worry for me. And I can rest in the fact that I am validated and accepted by God. AND, I went out and found a blog ring that lets me advertise for free.