Nature’s Giants

We drove through the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, stopping whenever we wanted to walk through the woods and explore. Whether the trees were standing or had fallen, their massive sizes left us awestruck. The tallest tree we saw on our trip was “Giant Tree”, which is 363 feet tall (111m) and hasContinue reading “Nature’s Giants”

Magical Woodland

If you ever have the chance to visit the redwoods in Humboldt County, California, DO IT. Put it on your bucket list. This shot doesn’t even do justice to the grandeur of the trees themselves (because these redwoods are on the smaller size). The giants of the natural world really have to be seen inContinue reading “Magical Woodland”

Wild mushrooms

Small,¬†unassuming Never to gain much stature Nestled with giants We found these little guys in Humboldt County, California while we were visiting the redwoods. The minuscule and the majestic in a symbiotic relationship. I cropped the original photo to focus more on the mushrooms. I lowered the highlights and increased the shadows. I used aContinue reading “Wild mushrooms”

Fresh Carrots

Pacific Grove has a street market every week with wonderful produce. Fancy some multi-colored carrots? The original was pretty, but I wanted to give the photo some character. I increased the contrast and lightened the shadows then ran a preset. To finish it I added some grain for more texture. Here’s the original: ~~~ ¬†Continue reading “Fresh Carrots”

Fresh Veggies Farm Stand

The greater Monterey, CA area is called the Salad Bowl of America. As you head east from Monterey to Salinas, you pass from a temperate coastal zone to a hot climate with fertile soil. The produce around that area is amazing. Fresh from the dirt. The original photo had a dark and somewhat yellow cast.Continue reading “Fresh Veggies Farm Stand”

Ice Plant Path

Ice plant is not native to the Monterey Bay area, yet it grows like a weed there. I know it’s a nuisance to naturalists or plant nativists, but I think it’s pretty. I did so much to this picture because the original was so dark. I didn’t want to introduce too much warmth with yellowContinue reading “Ice Plant Path”