The Fourth Sky

Nature’s red, white, and blue The original wasn’t vibrant. I didn’t do much to this picture. I increased the contrast and actually decreased the clarity. I really wanted to increase the clarity, but I need to break out of that box, right?! I increased the shadows and the vibrance. I sharpened the picture and reducedContinue reading “The Fourth Sky”

Top Cover

I can’t remember what made us take this detour off of I-15 north of Salt Lake City, UT. I think we were attempting to visit a state park. We ran across this bridge over some type of water release at a dam. After searching for about 30 minutes on Google Maps, I found right whereContinue reading “Top Cover”

Big Sky Country

This picture doesn’t do the Montana sky justice. Those are some big clouds though! I took this shot on horseback during our half-day trail ride. The original: I should know better by now not to put my horizon right in the middle. ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Big Sky Country”

The grass of Utah

We drove around the Great Salt Lake on our way to the Golden Spike. This was some of the scenery. We were totally amazed. This was taken with my iPhone through the windshield. There’s some noise, but I tried to smooth out a bit of it. I increased the contrast and worked on the cloudsContinue reading “The grass of Utah”