More on Beth Moore’s New Study

All the video sessions with Beth Moore have been good. How could they not be–she’s got such an enthusiasm that you’re bound to catch a little of it. There are those lessons though that just resonate. Sometimes they’re on a spiritual level where you feel like you just got a shot of God caffeine. SometimesContinue reading “More on Beth Moore’s New Study”

What’s so Good about Good Friday?

Spring is in the air and we can’t wait to dive right in. The grass is starting to hint at it’s natural color. Robins are back searching the thawing earth for sustenance. The air seems lighter, the days are definitely lighter, and our moods, almost broken by the long winter, have begun to lighten asContinue reading “What’s so Good about Good Friday?”

Losing my religion

I read a short article today that notes that¬†people are changing their faith almost as quickly as they’re changing their underwear (my words, not the article’s). My guess is like everything else in our lives we’re also expecting quick fixes with our religions. We expect our food to be fast; dramas in people’s lives crescendoContinue reading “Losing my religion”


Well, the other night I had my first official rejection pertaining to the business. I submitted my website to a blog whose main purpose is to say how cool different kiddie¬†things are, which in turn makes the blog readers want to rush out and click and buy those things. The blogger would decide if sheContinue reading “Validation”