She chose a golden leaf

Everything is magical for the young (and the young at heart). When I looked at the original of this picture, I realized I needed to brighten her face and maybe sharpen her eyes. So I did that using an adjustment brush and a radial filter. I didn’t even mess with the background. It was aContinue reading “She chose a golden leaf”

Gaggle of Wagons

They tend to congregate around little kids. I remember having one as a kid and we had to get one for our little girls. These were gathered together at a pumpkin patch, to carry both kids and pumpkins. The original was just plain. When I took the picture I knew I would want to editContinue reading “Gaggle of Wagons”

Fall Dam

We came upon a dam in the twilight. It was actually pretty dark at this point in our shooting. I used several adjustment filters to adjust the different parts of the picture. I also adjusted some of the colors individually. I had to decrease the noise quite a bit since the original was so dark.Continue reading “Fall Dam”

Fall colors like Fruity Pebbles

We took a self-guided tour through New England one fall. It was the most amazing explosion of colorful leaves. The only thing I could liken it to was a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. .  . minus the blue (unless you want to count the sky). The picture I took below wasn’t in New England, andContinue reading “Fall colors like Fruity Pebbles”

Ugly gourds

Don’t judge a book by its cover or a gourd by its bumps? The original photo was dark. I cropped in to focus more on the gourds and not on the surroundings. I made various adjustments and just wasn’t happy with what I was getting, so I ran a preset and liked the results! HereContinue reading “Ugly gourds”

Hello, Fall!

I love the backlighting from the sun, and need to practice this more. I also love Ash’s pose. The brightness of the sun can wash things out. I decreased the contrast, increased the clarity, and reduced the shadows a bit. I also reduced the exposure by a very small amount. I used an adjustment filterContinue reading “Hello, Fall!”