What I’d save in a fire…

LensProToGo’s challenge for week 3 is “Favorites”.* I posted last about what has quickly become a favorite of mine: New York City. To be true to their challenge I should to follow their guidelines…what do I love so much that I would want to save it above all else if my house were on fire (assuming all family and pets would escape unharmed). I knew immediately what that was…is…

My scrapbook albums and digital photo books.

These are our family’s memories, wrapped in pretty bindings and journaled with clever sayings and remembrances. When we’re old and grey and introducing ourselves to each other every day we’ll have these books to look back on and maybe spark a memory somewhere in the recesses. We have had such a blessed life and to document that is a privilege for me that I am really just beginning to take seriously.

May I never have to prove myself. May the shelf these books are on collect dust and more and more pages.

If you’d like a weekly challenge to spark your own creativity behind the lens head on over to LensProToGo and get involved with their Project52 (See their button on the left there?)! I’ve got at least three friends playing along with me. There’s a Flickr group and they post reminder blog posts and they’re even going to give a prize to everyone who participates. Woot! To me, the challenge and being able to expand my creative mind throughout the year is really the prize though.

Friday 13: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

*Happy first day of the Olympics. That’s all I’m going to say about it because I’m boycotting it.*

Whew, thanks for letting me take the breather last week. I’m back, refreshed and not “having my moon” as Insane Mama so eloquently and euphemistically calls it. I am adopting that term for forever, or at least until Jesus returns. ‘Cause in Heaven, since it’s perfect, we won’t have moons.

Living for about three decades allows one plenty of time to get particular about what she likes. Actually, living for about 4.25 years allows one plenty of time for that. My daughter has long since been telling me such and such is her favorite: “I like it 100”. I tried to explain percentages to her, because she really means she likes it 100%. But her way is so much cuter. Maybe I should adopt that saying as well.

I like not having my moon 100.

There are plenty of other things that I like 100 too. I’m going to list them for you, at least 13 of them.

Friday 13: 13 Things I Like 100

  1. Favorite body cream: Orange Chocolate Shea Butter by Fresh  If I could eat body butter I would get fat on this. I could open the lid and sniff the jar all day. In fact, I need to find this in a candle scent. Whoever the genius was that decided to mingle chocolate and orange, I’d like to pay him or her great respects right now. Come to think of it, chocolate covered orange sticks were one of my favorite treats when walking around any town in France….but that’s another story. I’m depressed that this is no longer in stock. Now I’m going to have to use what’s left sparingly.
  2. Favorite perfume: Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent Is it weird to want to smell yourself all the time? ‘Cause I do. I can’t get enough of this scent. I discovered this (and my lovely chocolate/orange potion above) on my 30th birthday (shopping) trip to NYC. The bad thing is that I keep having to spray more and more on myself in order to be able to smell it. I love France and all, but I never want to end up smelling like a French…ahem. A close runner up would be Champs-Elysées by Guerlain. French as well. 
  3. Favorite lip stick: L’Oréal Endless Lipstick in Fawn Fatale  The perfect lipstick in the perfect color. Once you put it on it does not come off: on his collar, on her little cheek, on the rest of your face when you’re eating. I used to be a lipstick groupie (I really don’t care to call myself a *ho*e of anything, not even French perfume), but after finding Endless I am fulfilled. Complete. I do change shades though.
  4. Favorite lip gloss: C. O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Vanilla Cola Yummy. That’s really all I should have to write to describe it. The perfect combination of vanilla cola and tingling mentha. And this doesn’t get sticky on my lips. If only the real Coke were as good for me.
  5.  Favorite mascara: Définicils by Lancôme The waterproof kind. I neverwear mascara that is not waterproof. Why take the chance when these buckets could start pouring at any moment? I like to pretend that I’m not very sentimental, but show me a Kleenex commercial and I’ll be darn relieved that my waterproof mascara will stay put. Définicils never clumps, and it separates my lashes perfectly. I don’t even have to curl them (like I’d spend time doing that anyway…on a daily basis). I’m using an impostor brand right now and regretting every clumpy, crumbly swipe of it. Sometimes it pays to not be cheap.
  6. Favorite soap (not of the daytime variety): Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Line in Eucalyptus Spearmint. Another yummy scent. At some time or another we’ve had the hand soap, the lotion, the pillow mist… B&BW touts it’s powers as “Stress Relief.”  It truly is. When I’m feeling stressed I just go wash my hands. My hands have never been cleaner.
  7. Favorite blush: Bare Minerals in the color Lovely by Bare Escentuals.  This is probably the best color I’ve ever found for my face. I even got a compliment on it. By another woman. She was my stylist and was about one foot away from my cheek as she was washing my hair, but hey, who would know better than someone who stares at ladies’ faces all day right? Yeah so, that’s the only reason it’s my favorite.
  8. Favorite podcast(er): Let’s move away from the girly stuff for a while. I love me some Sephora, and I could outlast anyone in that store browsing and testing, but I’m a deep woman. My likes and desires are diverse. Whatever. My favorite podcast(er) is none other than Grammar Girl!!!!  aka Mignon Fogerty. Girl knows some English! And she’d probably freak to see how I’ve been writing in this blog. Oh well, it’s always good to know the proper way. And she has a book out. I should buy that. Maybe it would learn me a thing or two. I blog as though I were speaking, not really writing. (Hey Grammar Girl, I used “as” properly! I didn’t use “like”!) And no, I don’t really speak like this.
  9. Favorite dessert: I don’t care if you serve it to me as a Crème Brûlée or a Crème Caramel , just serve it to me s’il vous plaît. The original plain vanilla please–don’t debase it by adding anything, not even chocolate. I can’t believe I just wrote that. This is another hold over from France for me. Every restaurant we ate at had either crème brûlée or caramel on the menu. Il n’y a rien de mieux. Ooh la la.
  10. Favorite movie: I could probably name 13 movies. If I absolutely had to, had to, pick one I’d pick…one from each decade that I can actually remember. The 80s: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ; the 90s: Elizabeth ; the 00s: The Passion of the Christ . I told you I was diverse.
  11. Favorite tv show: Would I even have to give you more than one guess? In case you haven’t been reading my blog (Shame on you. But welcome! Please browse at your leisure.) Project Runway!  But do you know what? I haven’t seen the latest episode. I know! I can’t believe our tv decided not to give us the channels we weren’t paying for in the first place! I hope to visit YouTube soon to see the latest. So please, no spoilers in the comments. I really won’t forgive you. Well, I eventually will because Jesus tells me to. But I’ll never forget. Project Runway has got to be the best show ever (don’t argue with me here, it’s my blog). The sewing. The competition. The personalities. The masterful designs. The horrible ones. It’s so fascinating to me to see how the designers can bring their concept to design to actual garment within a day or two. A girl can aspire.        A close second would be The Office , although we’ve never actually seen an episode on prime time tv (enter Netflix, Blockbuster and NBC.com). “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” The jokes, the looks! There’s nothing funnier than the facial comedy on that show. I think that’s why we like it so much. And we so totally get the humor. Steve Carrell is just about the funniest physical comedian out today (I do love another Steve too who’s perfected the facial expressions: Steve Martin) And who doesn’t heart Jim and Pam? PB&J forever. Sigh. We’ve even made converts of my mother, brother and sister-in-law.
  12. Favorite computer tool: The F5 key. Don’t know what it is? Try it. It’s fabulous for Wootoffs and ebay auctions. A very close second would be the screen capture feature. How else do you think I get all these photos? I mean other than right clicking and “save as”ing. Sometimes you just aren’t able to right click. That’s when you hold down the windows button while hitting S.
  13. Favorite daughter: Just kidding! They each have their moments and each one is my favorite for something.  

Don’t you like how I provided shopping experiences for each product? Please know though that I rarely pay full price for anything. Even the best of the best of the best. There’s always a deal to be found somewhere. I didn’t go searching those out for this post though. I’ll leave that to you if you’re serious about trying out some of this awesomely fabulous booty.

What about you? What are some of your favorite things? Some things that you like 100?