Cleaning and Homeschooling Don’t Mix…Do They?

Preconceived notion about being a SAHM: “Since you stay at home all day your house should be clean. All the time.” That is a preconceived notion I myself have but only about myself. Not towards any other SAHMs, oddly enough. I expect that every other mom is so busy with her kids that her house won’tContinue reading “Cleaning and Homeschooling Don’t Mix…Do They?”

When your schedule messes up your schedule

I like things neat and tidy. I live inside that box. As a homeschool mom I should have learned to let this go a long time ago. For a rule follower, list follower, in-the-box follower I can be flexible. . . sometimes.  I can’t yet consistently roll with the flow, though. When things aren’t fittingContinue reading “When your schedule messes up your schedule”

Friday 13: Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

There are several blogs I read that have lists throughout the week of varying lengths. So, I thought I’d play along and start my own list. Mine will be The Friday 13. Get it? For my first time I decided to make a list of some things we should be doing regularly but may forgetContinue reading “Friday 13: Regularly Scheduled Maintenance”