Trotting through Arlington

Welcome fellow Blogtrotters! My name is Vicki and my family and I currently live in Arlington, Virginia. We have lived in many a city, state and even country. Second to Germany, Arlington has been my favorite place to live, and we’ve only been here for eight months. If you’ve been blogtrotting long you’ll remember Zahra’sContinue reading “Trotting through Arlington”

TAY: ADHD–Overdiagnosed? Early Diagnosis?

Welcome to the third installment of Talk Amongst Yourselves Week. Today we’re going to read a post from Debateur at Debateur Debates. She is one of my favorite blogs to read because I get to spout off my opinion everyday on whatever topic she’s chosen to offer up for debate. You really must check her outContinue reading “TAY: ADHD–Overdiagnosed? Early Diagnosis?”

TAY: Is Virginity Passe?

Welcome to the second installment of Talk Amongst Yourselves Week. Today we’re going to read a post from Ronnica of Tale of a Kansas Girl. Ronnica revealed a very intimate fact about her on her blog last week…(whispering) she’s a virgin. Are you gasping? I for one started jumping up and down when I read herContinue reading “TAY: Is Virginity Passe?”

TAY: Should Parents be Kid Cruise Directors?

Lately I’ve been reading some great posts that have given me serious food for thought–posts I wish others (you) could read. These topics are, to me, relevant for today’s world and are worthy of good discussion. That’s why I’m bringing them to you this week. TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES WEEK Or as I considered calling it:Continue reading “TAY: Should Parents be Kid Cruise Directors?”

I’m a Contributor!!!

Woohoo! I submitted an article to the online publication, Root & Sprout, and they’ve included it! Thank you Lis! Now it looks like I’m smart or something. I will have to increase the caliber of the submissions to my own blog… Here is the article: Take a Vacation Without Breaking the Bank I’ll sign autographs ifContinue reading “I’m a Contributor!!!”