Daddy’s the Word

Du’s been a daddy now for over 6 years. I’d say he’s pretty much perfect at the job. With the girls he’s the yin to my yang. And on the days when I yin he’ll yang. There are areas where he could improve, like not falling asleep as soon as he starts rubbing my back, but I really can’t think of any improvements that need to be made in the Daddy arena. I know the girls agree with me here.

I remember the first time I told Du he was going to be a father. We had been trying for a while to get pregnant and things just weren’t happening. I was doing everything possible within my realm to make it happen. It was stressing us out. That’s when we decided to just stop and relax for a while. It was a classic case of “let go and let God.” Does that really work for people? Yes. It finally worked for us.

I took the pregnancy test in the morning (you supposedly get more accurate results). I couldn’t even stand to wait until Du got up. I had a suspicion I might be pregnant because my temps hadn’t fallen like they normally do before my cycle. I was a couple days late. A huge smile spread across my face and it was all I could do to keep myself from leaping onto the bed and jumping up and down. Du was just beginning to wake up and he wouldn’t understand the excitement. I gently sat next to him and whispered, “are you ready to become a Daddy?” His smile matched mine and we couldn’t have been happier. I was four weeks pregnant.


I also remember the second time I told him he was going to be a father. We weren’t trying to get pregnant. Du was always ready for another child, however I needed a little more convincing. We finally decided that we just weren’t going to do anything about it. If it happened then it happened. I honestly didn’t think anything would happen since it took us so long to get pregnant the first time. No worries. God has a sense of humor like that. I think we stopped “doing anything about it” in January and this story is picking up in May. Prospective buyers were on their way to look at the house one last time. We were running around doing the last-minute things you do when you’re selling a house. I wasn’t diligently keeping track of my cycle, but I knew that I was off. Previously that week I had purchased the required test just in case. I couldn’t stand it any longer. With buyers coming over, us rushing around making the house look perfect, I take a potty break. I couldn’t believe the results. I headed down the stairs calling out, “Du” in a loud, not shrill, not excited, just low and steady tone. His response was, “You know that tone of voice makes me think I did something wrong. What did I do?” I wanted to say, “uh, you knocked me up.” Instead, all I could do was show him the stick. Both of our faces matched again. This time it was a shocked, oh Lord what are we getting ourselves into kind of face. Once again, about four weeks pregnant.

Du you’re the most wonderful father in the world. Even before the girls were born you were so attentive to their needs. God has given them not only a fantastic daddy, but a great role model as a person, friend, husband and follower of Christ.

One Year Ago

One year ago I was wondering just how pregnant I’d have to be before giving birth. Ashlyn had two due dates: 25 Jan and 04 Feb. The more accurate date, the date the doctors and midwives were using, was 04 Feb. I was measuring large for my pregnancy early on so we had an ultrasound done to measure the baby and try to guess its gestational age. That brought about the 25 January due date, which the medical staff never went by. I hoped for a February birth since we have many family members with Feb. birthdates. And knowing that Reagan came a day late I was pretty sure this would happen. However, once a woman gets so pregnant she doesn’t care when the baby comes, she just wants it out.

So, as 25 January came and went I wondered how long I’d have to wait. But, as her personality has proven to us over this past year, Ashlyn has a mind of her own. She decided to be born on 31 January. Thanks to lots of prayer, to a gracious God for answering those prayers, and to a good friend who gave me yoga breathing tips, I was able to labor at home and sleep in between contractions.

Yes, I was able to sleep in between my contractions. With my first pregnancy I went into labor the day after Reagan was due. The labor lasted forever. The contractions didn’t seem to do anything to help. So that’s what I assumed would happen this time as well. Now we all know what assuming does, and we all know pregnancies are rarely the same. But, when you’re pregnant half your brain is turned off. I had an appointment on Tuesday, Jan. 30, and I was 0cm dilated. I had called my mom that morning though and told her to go ahead and start the drive out here. She drove all day and got here around 9pm that night. And it’s a good thing.

I was having contractions, but they were few and far between. And thinking they would get me nowhere (like before), I decided that I would probably be contracting and in pain for days. So I went to bed. I had been praying throughout the pregnancy that God would allow me to labor mostly at home. I hated laboring in the hospital the first time. And He granted my request. Using those breathing techniques, thinking the contractions weren’t doing anything, and being very sleepy allowed me to sleep between the contractions.

I’ll spare you the gory details (things that only other mothers want to hear when it’s “war story” time–usually at baby showers). We got to the hospital at 0530 and Ashlyn was born at 0555 on 31 January 2007.

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!Ashlyn Born Ashlyn at one year