Birthday Blessings

Project Edit 365 is one year old! What a year! A year ago I was stuck in a rut with photography and blogging, both. I wanted to be motivated to post more and I wanted to do something with my photography.

For the whole year, each day, I took a photo I had previously taken in the month I was in (from previous years), and edited it using Lightroom. I only forgot two maybe three times to post. I would remember the next day and post. There were some times that I would use a picture from the current month if I had a good picture to edit.

I liked the idea of limiting myself to the month I was in. It forced me to look at my old photos and figure out how to make them better. Even if they were obvious throw aways. There were months where I wondered if I would have enough material to do an edit a day (I’m looking at you, in particular, December!) — but I managed it. There are months, like January, where I have so many pictures left over I wish I were editing more than one pic a day.

The blogging aspect wasn’t as successful. I did post a picture every day, but I didn’t post more about everyday life, or homeschooling, or our move, or any number of things. I do hope to get better about that. I had to create a separate blog for Project Edit 365, because my Not So SAHM blog ran out of storage space! I actually should have done that from the beginning.

I’m glad I created the new blog (go over there and follow me!). Maybe I’ll continue my photo edits over there, not every day, but regularly. I’ve started my business now, VSD Photography, and although it has its own website and blog, I don’t plan on putting personal pictures over there.

So, here’s my last picture of my year-long editing project/challenge. It is of my older daughter holding her newborn sister — 31 January 2007. Thank you so much for coming along this ride with me!

A young girl holds her newborn sister. Photo by Not So SAHM

Birthday blessings

Oh my, the original photo. For the last time, I’m going to have you leave Not So SAHM and click over to Project Edit 365 to see the original and the edits that I made. Thank you!

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We’re back at the bowling alley. The girls were attending a birthday party and one of the party favors was a water bottle shaped like a bowling pin. So they all put their own names on their pins. This was back when Ash was 6 and signing her name was still a novelty. So much concentration.

Young girl signs her name on a water bottle shaped like a bowling pin. Photo by Not So SAHM

Autograph – ProjectEdit365 – 23 Jan

So, at this age, food is always on the face. I first healed out. . . head on over to my blog that I created specifically for my Project Edit 365. There you can see how I edited the original, plus all the other edits I’ve done. Thanks!

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22 February

I was going to let this day go as just another day. But then, I thought, it’s not just another day! Today I am 33 years old. Leigh Anne, I’m going to borrow your dad’s quote (I hope it’s ok!): “you are now the age Jesus was when He showed you just how much He loved you.” Isn’t that awesome to think about? And daunting since, what have I done in my 33 years?

If you’re wondering just what has happened on this date in history (4 territories became states) and who shares this birthday (Mr. Washington himself, and Drew Barrymore–who shares my year too. I wonder who’s hours older, me or her) then check out this Wikepedia article on February 22.

Then check out your birthdate on Wikepedia and learn cool new things.

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise

Ok, I think I finally got a solution to the big video mystery. I realized my video is over 100MB. No one really likes to help you get those uploaded to the web. Thank you Heather for introducing me to Vimeo. May I love them as much after I hit the publish button as I do now.

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise from Vicki Diesing on Vimeo.

Please let me know if you can view the video.

Day 8 – Magic Kingdom . . . The Perfect Surprise

(editor’s note: This post was ready to be posted yesterday–the actual day of visiting the Magic Kingdom. However, the …person who’s internet we’re “using” has somehow managed to prevent our computers from accessing any wireless internet options at the house. At least that’s what I’m believing. My computer will not connect at the house any more. So, we’re sitting in Mickey D’s right now, and this post is a day late.) 

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning (so before 0600). I just couldn’t sleep knowing what was ahead of us today. I got ready quickly, then cut Du’s hair (that duty doesn’t go on vacation), then woke Reagan and Ashlyn up at 0700. Reagan asked why we had to get up so early and I told a little white one. Actually it was true, just not the complete truth. I told her we were meeting some old friends of ours and it was going to take a while to get there. To soften things up I showed her a Disney dress that I bought at the Disney store before we left (she was with me when I bought it…that’s a whole new story of deception). I just happened to find it in my suitcase after doing laundry. It would be a great dress to wear to meet our friends. It had a little picture of Aurora on the belt buckle so she was game.

On the way to the park I mentioned that I was going to play around with the video camera to get better at shooting. So I did and Reagan obliged by being silly with Ashlyn. Then I pulled the surprise. Instead of me typing it all out watch the following:

Reagan’s Birthday Surprise from Vicki Diesing on Vimeo.

Can you hear the unsteadiness in my voice? I was tearing up the whole time. It was so sweet to see her surprise and genuine happiness.  I love her.

The whole day was good. We rode rides, waited in line, saw characters and had them sign the autograph book, watched two parades and a fireworks show. Ashlyn was even able to ride some rides. To break it up in the middle we had lunch with some friends of ours from New Mexico. Ron was my boss at the Flickinger Center. He, his wife–Pat, their daughter–Marisa, and her son–Aidan all came to meet us. They live in Florida now and are only an hour and a half away. Lucky them. We had a nice visit and a good chat.

GeisheimersThe New Mexico gang, plus a few new ones.

 The girls were so good the whole day, even Ashlyn. She was busy, but never got fussy or upset because she was contained in the stroller or being held by us. Reagan walked the whole day and never asked to be carried…until the fireworks started and she wanted to be up higher to see them.

Reagan kept saying: “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” It’s not a dream, sweetie. But you keep dreaming and they may come true.

R & the castle R with her autograph book.

A & castle A excited to be in the sunshine. (These pics did not upload…I’m working on it.)

One Year Ago

One year ago I was wondering just how pregnant I’d have to be before giving birth. Ashlyn had two due dates: 25 Jan and 04 Feb. The more accurate date, the date the doctors and midwives were using, was 04 Feb. I was measuring large for my pregnancy early on so we had an ultrasound done to measure the baby and try to guess its gestational age. That brought about the 25 January due date, which the medical staff never went by. I hoped for a February birth since we have many family members with Feb. birthdates. And knowing that Reagan came a day late I was pretty sure this would happen. However, once a woman gets so pregnant she doesn’t care when the baby comes, she just wants it out.

So, as 25 January came and went I wondered how long I’d have to wait. But, as her personality has proven to us over this past year, Ashlyn has a mind of her own. She decided to be born on 31 January. Thanks to lots of prayer, to a gracious God for answering those prayers, and to a good friend who gave me yoga breathing tips, I was able to labor at home and sleep in between contractions.

Yes, I was able to sleep in between my contractions. With my first pregnancy I went into labor the day after Reagan was due. The labor lasted forever. The contractions didn’t seem to do anything to help. So that’s what I assumed would happen this time as well. Now we all know what assuming does, and we all know pregnancies are rarely the same. But, when you’re pregnant half your brain is turned off. I had an appointment on Tuesday, Jan. 30, and I was 0cm dilated. I had called my mom that morning though and told her to go ahead and start the drive out here. She drove all day and got here around 9pm that night. And it’s a good thing.

I was having contractions, but they were few and far between. And thinking they would get me nowhere (like before), I decided that I would probably be contracting and in pain for days. So I went to bed. I had been praying throughout the pregnancy that God would allow me to labor mostly at home. I hated laboring in the hospital the first time. And He granted my request. Using those breathing techniques, thinking the contractions weren’t doing anything, and being very sleepy allowed me to sleep between the contractions.

I’ll spare you the gory details (things that only other mothers want to hear when it’s “war story” time–usually at baby showers). We got to the hospital at 0530 and Ashlyn was born at 0555 on 31 January 2007.

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!Ashlyn Born Ashlyn at one year