White Sands

The dunes here are other worldly. In the midst of the high desert lie dunes made of what looks like beach sand. It’s gypsum. And this is the largest gypsum dune field in the world. (Thank you, NPS) I like the whiteness of the original photo but I wanted to add some dimension. I endedContinue reading “White Sands”

Santa Fe Church

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in black and white I took this picture fourteen years ago andĀ for some reason composed the picture with half of the towers chopped off. I love it in black and white though. I turned it black and white and increased the contrast, clarity, and exposure to showContinue reading “Santa Fe Church”

Roadschool – East to West: Down day

We are into our third week of the trip! Around 3,800 miles 13 states so far (we will pick up 14-16 tomorrow!) 4 out of 5 biomes covered (aquatic, forest, grassland, and desert. We won’t go through tundra, thankfully) 5 of the 8 North American ecoregions covered (Coastal Plain, Appalachian Mountains, Interior Lowlands, Great Plains,Continue reading “Roadschool – East to West: Down day”