White Sands

The dunes here are other worldly. In the midst of the high desert lie dunes made of what looks like beach sand. It’s gypsum. And this is the largest gypsum dune field in the world. (Thank you, NPS)

A soaptree yucca survives in the dunes of White Sands National Monument. Not So SAHM

White Sands – ProjectEdit365 – 23 Aug

I like the whiteness of the original photo but I wanted to add some dimension. I ended up adding some warmth as well. The original:


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Sledding at White Sands

Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument

We woke up this morning earlier than we thought we would. Our campsite was very close to the main road, and close to the entrance/exit of the park. So, at about 5:50 we were all wide awake.

Breakfast was at a restaurant close to Carlsbad Caverns where half of us tried more local fare. I had chorizo and eggs while Du had Mexican eggs with jalapeños. The girls opted for the tried and true — pancakes.

Carlsbad Caverns sign

The Caverns

I’m thinking most school districts are back in session now, or no one else likes arriving right when the park opens because we almost had the caverns to ourselves. They don’t boast to be the largest, deepest, longest caves but they are truly magnificent.

Part of the Big Room at Carlsbad Caverns

Part of the Big Room

Once we toured the caverns we traveled on to Alamogordo and White Sands.

Green pasture in NM

NM can looks like this, too!

Entrance sign to White Sands

Sledding time!

Our goal was to stay in White Sands until after dark so we could do some good star gazing. White Sands National Park is on or adjacent to White Sands Missile Range, and they must be doing testing throughout the night because everyone had to be out of the park by 9pm. We’re not too disappointed though, because I think we’ll do some good stargazing in Arizona. . . if the super moon isn’t putting off too much light. Here’s a link to an article about the Supermoon and the Perseid Meteor shower that will be happening almost simultaneously in a few days.

Onto the P.E. portion. We arrived at White Sands at 6:56 and the visitor center closes at 7:00. We saw that they had sleds for sale in there so I raced in and bought one kid’s sled (and the wax for .75 that was supposed to help it slide better…). We headed out to the dunes and tried several before we found the perfect sledding dune.

Sledding at White Sands

Needing an extra push

We all sledded down and raced back up, sledded down and raced back up.

sledding at White Sands

Here I goooo…

Sledding at White Sands

The big hill!

After Du and I had enough and wanted to watch the sunset, the girls kept racing up the dune, running and jumping down it, racing back up, running and jumping down. It’s the best P.E. they’ve had in a while. They definitely needed to get the energy out.

Running the dunes at White Sands

This is P.E.

So, there’s a little lesson — you can accommodate your school to almost any setting you’re in. Wink, wink.

A plant at White Sands

A type of Yucca?

The next two days will be more like down days for us. We plan on meeting with some family and relaxing. I’m hoping to take some time to catch up on/review some schoolwork I want the girls to know. Laundry and cleaning out the cars may happen as well as relaxing by the pool.

More later!

   Not So SAHM

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