Brightening the urban night

The city that never sleeps. There’s an energy in NYC that I feed off of when we visit. Being there makes me feel youthful and full of potential. Like when you just graduate from college and your whole life is before you. I wonder if the magic would fade if I were to live there.Continue reading “Brightening the urban night”

Light Painting – Orb

This pic is actually from tonight. My photography group practiced with light painting. It was so much fun! This was tutorial I read before going out tonight: Chris Bray Photography The original was still cool but I thought the contrast and clarity needed enhancing. I upped the saturation just a bit in the sky. ~~~Continue reading “Light Painting – Orb”


Durham, N.C.- American Tobacco Campus – I went on a night photo shooting tour here a couple years ago. I learned a lot about lighting and shutter speed. At the time I was glad there were not many people around. Now I’m wishing there were a couple of people leaning against the railing or walking.Continue reading “Stroll”