I love street photography. I’d love to do more of it, but that means that I have to get out into the streets and take pictures. My normal life sort of precludes that since I’m homeschooling much of the day and we don’t live very close to great street action. It’s something that I hope to work on though in 2017 – forcing myself to get out there.

In June of last year I was able to go to NYC for a street photography workshop held by Lynford Morton who leads Shutterbug Life. We went to several different areas of the city and he coached us on everything from tips on how to shoot to going up and talking to people. It was a rush for me, someone who doesn’t like confrontation or having people be mad at me. I loved it!

As I was processing my images, I could see a common trait on the faces and in the body language of the people in my pictures. As humans we tend to run ourselves ragged: body and mind. Both our bodies and brains need rest in order to rejuvenate and perform optimally. I think we’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves to some degree or another. Here are some of the shots of exhaustion that I captured.

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New year

New plans

New perspective

New resolve

Go get it!

An arrow on the street points the way. Not So SAHM

Onward – ProjectEdit365 – 03 Jan

I took this photo with my Lensbaby Spark. I love that lens! It’s so fun to play around with and the look always ends up being catchy. The original needed some depth and texture though. Head over to my blog that details the Project Edit 365 and see what edits I made. Thanks!

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Brightening the urban night

The city that never sleeps.

There’s an energy in NYC that I feed off of when we visit. Being there makes me feel youthful and full of potential. Like when you just graduate from college and your whole life is before you. I wonder if the magic would fade if I were to live there. Would the energy sustain me or wear me out?

A street photo of NYC and Radio City at night. Not So SAHM

Brightening the urban night – ProjectEdit365 – 25 Nov

The original photo was pretty dark. Technically, there’s not a lot of great things about this photo. I know I was walking when I took it. It does have energy though, and it’s easier to see after running the HDR preset in Lightroom. I lightened the blacks just a touch because I felt the preset made them a little to dark for what I wanted. I also reduced the noise a little. Here’s the original:


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U.S. Mail

Bills. Love letters. Dear John letters. Applications. Notices. Junk. Life.

This box has held all the secrets.

Well worn.


U.S. Mail – ProjectEdit365 – 04 Oct

The original was lopsided and flat. I increased the contrast and clarity and lightened the shadows. I decreased the saturation of the red tail light. I used an adjustment brush around the background to decrease the clarity and put more focus on the mailbox. I finished by giving the picture some grain and a little vignette. The original:



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