Top Ten People Who Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize

It seems like everyone and his brother can win a Nobel  Peace Prize these days. From Lech Walesa (respectable and admirable) to…Al Gore (?) to…Barack Obama. All you must do these days, it seems, is oppose George Bush and only mention that you want peace. Actions need not be demonstrated. Therefore, I’d like to giveContinue reading “Top Ten People Who Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize”

The will of the people

Actually, it is the will of God. You all know that I am beyond disappointed right now. In fact, I’m speechless. My fingers still work though, so here we go. God knows what He is doing. His Will will always be accomplished whether we realize it or not; whether we care about Him or not.Continue reading “The will of the people”

How Did I Do At The Debate Last Night?

Bet you didn’t know I was at the debate last night did you? Well…I wasn’t.I was at the next best place: The Political Party at my house! It was a good thing I wasn’t at the debate though because my crowd and I would have been kicked out for yelling, “say ‘maverick’ all ready!!” “Putin, say Putin!” “BreakContinue reading “How Did I Do At The Debate Last Night?”

Is He Really Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes?

I’m laughing again at politics. Is it really supposed to be this funny? You wanna know why Barack had such a big crowd in Germany today? Over 200,000 people in attendance? Because there was a concert held with two popular bands (to the Germans) beforehand. Are you really surprised that mainstream media has not mentionedContinue reading “Is He Really Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes?”