Missing the Pacific Coast

Summer has a death grip on the area we currently live. Multiple days (weeks, even) in the 90s. Normally I’d much rather be hot than cold, but this heat stranglehold has me missing the perfectly mild climate of “northern” California. Reminisce with me. . . and click on a pic to bring up the full-sizeContinue reading “Missing the Pacific Coast”

Roadschooling East to West – Up the Pacific Coast Highway

We’re reaching the end! After leaving Hollywood we drove over to Malibu to start our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s the first time I’d seen the Pacific Ocean from the continent! We took two days to drive up the highway and reach our destination. Ocean, mountains, valleys, farms, wildlife, we saw it all! I’llContinue reading “Roadschooling East to West – Up the Pacific Coast Highway”