Whale Breach

Y’all. There’s nothing like seeing a whale breach. There are much better pictures out there of breaches, but this editing challenge is about taking what you’ve got and making it usable. Using Lightroom I made my picture a little more dramatic.

A whale breaches in Monterey Bay California. Not So SAHM

Whale Breach – ProjectEdit365 – 09 Sep

I cropped the original for better composition and to straighten the horizon. I decreased the contrast and increased the highlights, whites, and clarity. I moved the tint slider more towards the magenta. I used two graduated filters, one for the water and one for the sky to make them more dramatic. I ended with a small vignette. The original:



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boats in the harbor

Roadschooling East to West – Up the Pacific Coast Highway

We’re reaching the end! After leaving Hollywood we drove over to Malibu to start our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s the first time I’d seen the Pacific Ocean from the continent!

We took two days to drive up the highway and reach our destination. Ocean, mountains, valleys, farms, wildlife, we saw it all! I’ll just post pictures and explain a bit along the way.

The drive to Malibu

Malibu canyon

Malibu Canyon

Malibu Canyon 2

More Malibu Canyon

First view of the Pacific

First view of the Pacific!

We’re in Malibu!

Malibu Barbies

Malibu Barbies!

Driving north on the Pacific Coast Highway. People pull off almost anywhere and head to the water.

View along the Pacific Coast Highway

Right off the Highway

Watching the Pacific Ocean

Admiring the power

beautiful view of the Pacific along the PCH

beautiful views

One of the places we stopped at was an elephant seal resting ground. They would flip sand on themselves to stay cool.


The male elephant seals were practicing their territorial fighting

male elephant seals fighting

They’re adolescent males practice fighting

Elephant seals fighting 3

They make grunting noises

Elephant seals fighting 2

They do this to learn how to defend their territory during mating season

As we drove farther north (and probably higher in elevation) we experienced the fog I so often hear about. This next picture was taken as we were reaching our stopping point for the evening. The picture after that was in the morning.

Fog rolling in on the PCH

Fog rolling in

Low clouds in the morning on the PCH

Low clouds in the morning

Coastal Range on the Pacific

Coastal Range and fog

Fog against the mountain

Fog against the mountain

As we drove along my husband saw a whale in the ocean. We pulled off where several people were already watching them. There were birds around the same area, so there was obviously a school of something yummy they all wanted.

Whales in the Pacific


Whale blow hole

blow hole

As the day wore on the fog burned off, and maybe we were lower in elevation?

Destination sign on the PCH

Destination ahead!

There is a lot of farmland along the PCH. Animals and plants. There is a drought in California right now, but the farmland was still so beautiful.

Farmland along the PCH


Farmland on the PCH

More Farmland

The coast is dotted not only by farmland, but harbor towns. Similar to New England, with milder weather and different architecture. So picturesque!

boats in the harbor

boats in the harbor

Well, that’s it for our Roadschooling/moving trip!

  • Around 5,800 miles
  • 18 states
  • four time zones
  • four of the five biomes
  • seven of the eight ecoregions in the US
  • not as much schooling as I would have hoped, but the girls still learned so much

And it won’t stop now that we’re in our new town. We will continue to explore and experience and learn!

Hope you enjoyed the trip with us! Keep checking back to see what we get ourselves into in the next several months.

    Not So SAHM

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