Lensbaby Spark (and hello, remember me?)

My last post was in May of 2012–I have taken a seriously long break! Not that life was ever slow, but it has taken a seriously busy turn these past eighteen months. I miss blogging, though, and there are adventures coming up that I am definitely going to want to share. There are adventures weContinue reading “Lensbaby Spark (and hello, remember me?)”


It is now the middle of January when most New Year’s resolutions have been broken. Normally, at the beginning of the year, I have this boost of electron/synapse collaboration particularly between my organizational brain cells. I get all giddy about reorganizing my life, making what I already do more efficient and adding lots of otherContinue reading “Resolution”

Project(s) Update – Week 4

Here are this week’s Project 365 photos: 23-29 January. I’m still really enjoying trying to capture a picture a day. The Project 52 theme this week was Soothing Repetition. The rules state that you have to submit a picture taken within the specific week. I really wanted to submit this picture:   Check out theContinue reading “Project(s) Update – Week 4”

Project 52 – weeks 1 & 2

To get better at taking pictures there is only one thing to do, take more pictures. In an effort to get better it seems that I am joining every single photo project that is starting up in January. What’s left of my organizational anal retentiveness flares its head in January and I aim to becomeContinue reading “Project 52 – weeks 1 & 2”