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She’s always on the go. I try to keep up.

Standing on the escalator, little feet climb down NotSoSAHM Black and White

On the Go – ProjectEdit365 – 13 Feb

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California Flowers Not So SAHM

Project Edit 365

I love this blog – and I love posting – except for when I haven’t posted in a while, then I get overwhelmed at not posting – and I feel like my first post back has to be an amazing one – and my life has been so busy with “mommy” things lately that I don’t have an amazing one in me.

I have had an amazing idea recently though. I think every photographer, professional or amateur, struggles with managing all of his/her pictures. We take thousands of images and most of them don’t make it out of our external hard drives. I’m trying something that will hopefully kill several birds (including that one) with one stone.

As a photographer, lately I’ve struggled with:

  • not being motivated to shoot
  • being motivated to shoot but not having time
  • desiring to get better at shooting
  • desiring to get better at post processing
  • what to do with all these images I’ve accumulated over the years!

We’ve all heard of Project 365s and 52s, where you take a picture a day or a week, usually with some kind of prompting to help kickstart your creativity. What I’m going to attempt this year (starting in February, because my brain was still in Snowzilla mode in January) is . . .


I’m sure some clever soul has already thought that one up, but my brain thought of it the other day, and it’s going to help me overcome that list of struggles I detailed up there. It’s also going to help me post more. Right now I’m going back through pictures I took in 2015 and using Lightroom to edit them. I’m posting them on Instagram with the hashtag #ProjectEdit365. I’ll also post them here Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

So, there you go, an amazing post for my first one back after a long hiatus. PLUS, I’ll be generating material to post on here at least once a day. I hope. Please, please, could time and motivation – STICK WITH ME! Below are my first two edits of Project Edit 365. They were both taken in January 2015 in California.

5x5 prints from Artifact Uprising Not So SAHM

My Artifact Uprising Prints

5x5 prints from Artifact Uprising Not So SAHM

I was introduced to Artifact Uprising recently. I ordered the 25 prints above and couldn’t be more pleased with them. 5×5 and printed on 120lb paper – they’re super cool. Now, how to display them!?

Do you print out your photos? I need to print out more – they’re not much fun to look at hidden in my external hard drive!

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Downtown Fayetteville NC Not So SAHM

One picture, many Lightroom presets

I love, love Lightroom. It’s my go to photo editing software. I also have Elements and use it occasionally, but for me that takes too long. One of my dilemmas with photo editing is making choices. I like to make my own edits, but I also like to use presets. And then I can’t decide which I like better.

Downtown Fayetteville NC Not So SAHM

Originial, SOOC

Downtown Fayetteville NC  Not So SAHM

My own edits

Downtown Fayetteville NC Not So SAHM

Cross Process Preset

Downtown Fayetteville NC Not So SAHM

Purple Haze preset

Downtown Fayetteville NC in B&W Not So SAHM


Usually I really like black and white, but this one doesn’t do much for me, maybe because there’s so much color and the color adds to the eclectic nature. Other than that I can’t decide which edit I like best. They *are* all very similar.

What do you like to use for photo editing?
    Not So SAHM

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Pinehurst Village Not So SAHM

Pinehurst/Southern Pines with my Lensbaby Spark

We were able to go to the towns of Pinehurst and Southern Pines recently. Sorry, no pictures of the golf course. There was snow on the greens. I had my Lensbaby Spark with me to play around a bit. I’m still learning how to get the focus just where I want it and have the blur everywhere else. Success comes in fits right now. Click on any picture to go to a more traditional view.

If you are ever in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area you must stop in at Betsy’s Crepes for breakfast or brunch. It’s a must.

Anyone headed to Pinehurst in June?

   Not So SAHM

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Scale in Photography (St Louis Arch)

I follow Digital Photography School on Facebook and read their post the other day about How to Use the Human Form to Give a Sense of Scale to Your Images. I love the images that they use as examples. I love lines. It reminded me of this picture I took a couple years ago when we visited St Louis.

St Louis Arch - NotSoSAHM

St Louis Arch – so tall!

I wasn’t even thinking about scale when I took the picture; I wanted to capture my family and the Arch. But it’s so cool to see it in that respect. The trees help give a sense of scale, too. My husband is just under 6 feet tall.

We visited on a weekday in April and it wasn’t crowded at all. Still, I was surprised that I was able to capture my family alone. This is one of those pictures that I really should print and hang on the wall. (Is anyone else as bad as I am about that?)

If you’re into photography, do you have any pictures that give a sense of scale like this? Link to them in the comments, please. I’d love to take a look!


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