Project Edit 365

I love this blog – and I love posting – except for when I haven’t posted in a while, then I get overwhelmed at not posting – and I feel like my first post back has to be an amazing one – and my life has been so busy with “mommy” things lately that IContinue reading “Project Edit 365”

My Artifact Uprising Prints

I was introduced to Artifact Uprising recently. I ordered the 25 prints above and couldn’t be more pleased with them. 5×5 and printed on 120lb paper – they’re super cool. Now, how to display them!? Do you print out your photos? I need to print out more – they’re not much fun to look atContinue reading “My Artifact Uprising Prints”

One picture, many Lightroom presets

I love, love Lightroom. It’s my go to photo editing software. I also have Elements and use it occasionally, but for me that takes too long. One of my dilemmas with photo editing is making choices. I like to make my own edits, but I also like to use presets. And then I can’t decideContinue reading “One picture, many Lightroom presets”

Pinehurst/Southern Pines with my Lensbaby Spark

We were able to go to the towns of Pinehurst and Southern Pines recently. Sorry, no pictures of the golf course. There was snow on the greens. I had my Lensbaby Spark with me to play around a bit. I’m still learning how to get the focus just where I want it and have theContinue reading “Pinehurst/Southern Pines with my Lensbaby Spark”

Scale in Photography (St Louis Arch)

I follow Digital Photography School on Facebook and read their post the other day about How to Use the Human Form to Give a Sense of Scale to Your Images. I love the images that they use as examples. I love lines. It reminded me of this picture I took a couple years ago whenContinue reading “Scale in Photography (St Louis Arch)”