Edmund Pettus Bridge

The Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Selma, Alabama, is┬áthe site of many civil rights marches in the 60s, including Bloody Sunday. Although Martin Luther King Jr was not there on Bloody Sunday, he would be two days later to march to the site of the violence and pray. Due in part to this nonviolent protest, PresidentContinue reading “Edmund Pettus Bridge”

Act Up – Berlin Wall #2

A section of the Berlin Wall on display at the Newseum in Washington D.C. The Newseum has great exhibits. When we went several years ago they had a large section of the Berlin Wall on display. Yesterday’s picture was taken during the same trip to the Newseum as the one below. Such a fascinating exhibit,Continue reading “Act Up – Berlin Wall #2”

Party like it’s 1773!

The mainstream media, so I hear–I don’t watch it, is downplaying the birth of the latest grassroots movement: the new revolution. In 1773, colonists who were tired of being taxed without being represented decided to take matters into their own hands by dumping English Tea into the Boston Harbor. Unwelcome taxes had been being leviedContinue reading “Party like it’s 1773!”