We Will Never Forget

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” There is an evil and a hatred out there that, as individuals, we can only conquer with love and prayer. Governments, however, are called to a different purpose, and their job is to protect and defend. So, while I personally will pray for those who persecute us, I’m hoping that our government willContinue reading “We Will Never Forget”

Act Up – Berlin Wall #2

A section of the Berlin Wall on display at the Newseum in Washington D.C. The Newseum has great exhibits. When we went several years ago they had a large section of the Berlin Wall on display. Yesterday’s picture was taken during the same trip to the Newseum as the one below. Such a fascinating exhibit,Continue reading “Act Up – Berlin Wall #2”

Fall of the Wall. . .?

I’ve been learning a little about composition in an online class I have been watching the last two days. The class was on family photography, photojournalism style. I like the composition of this photo. It’s not perfect, but I love how Reagan’s chin is pointing to the words “Fall of the Wall” and she’s lookingContinue reading “Fall of the Wall. . .?”