Leisurely Float down the Potomac

Riverbend Park is a small area north of Great Falls Park in Northern Virginia. If it’s ever too crowded at Great Falls, head up to Riverbend! I started out by making the original more dynamic by increasing the usual sliders: contrast, clarity, vibrance (just a tad). But I wanted to add some character to theContinue reading “Leisurely Float down the Potomac”

Bridges over the Seine

One of the most romantic places. The original was pretty lopsided. I cropped to straighten and then made it black and white. I cloned out the lines in the upper right corner and used an adjustment brush to make the brick of the lower bridge have more contrast. I also lightened the shadows on everything.Continue reading “Bridges over the Seine”

Traben-Trarbach along the Moselle

When you think of German countryside, this is what comes to mind. Fairy tale Traben-Trarbach along the Moselle River The original photo was beautiful, but a tad dim. I used a graduated filter to add some warmth and brightness to the sky and hill top, and another one to keep the river and houses cooler.Continue reading “Traben-Trarbach along the Moselle”

Sutter’s Mill

Sutter’s Mill was located right here along this river. Gold! We found no gold and so started our cross-country trip to the east coast with empty pockets. I think I took the original picture because of the bridge and the reflection in the water. It definitely needed some sprucing up though. Did I strike gold?Continue reading “Sutter’s Mill”