The National Mammal

On May 9th, President Obama signed a law making the bison America’s first national mammal. We saw literally tons of them last year in Yellowstone. It was baby season and we saw this cute pair. . . SO CUTE!! I took this picture in the car as we were driving down the road so theContinue reading “The National Mammal”

Flower carpet – Pacific Grove

These are but a small glimpse into the carpet of flowers that blankets Pacific Grove in the springtime. The original photo was so dull! I did several things, but one of the most important was increasing the intensity of the color of the flowers. Above is what they really look like in person! ~~~  Continue reading “Flower carpet – Pacific Grove”

Friday 13: 13 Things I’d Rather Be Doing…

than being stuck inside on a beautiful day. It’s our last day of school and so naturally my mind is on the wonderfully fun things we could be doing instead. Here’s my random list. FRIDAY 13: THINGS I’D RATHER BE DOING Letterboxing: Enjoy puzzles and mysteries? Like your hobby to be low-tech and low key?Continue reading “Friday 13: 13 Things I’d Rather Be Doing…”