Opening Gifts

They’ve always been so good about opening presents, sharing, and being thankful. I love this candid of them checking out some presents given to them during one of our visits to Georgia.

Girls opening a Christmas gift - Not So SAHM

Opening presents – ProjectEdit365 – 30 Dec

The original was busy and yellow so I cropped in, went black and white, and. . . head over to Project Edit 365 to see the original! Thanks!

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Running the alleyways

In the town of Warm Springs they have a cute downtown area with shops, restaurants, and alleyways. We always run down this one for some reason.

Two girls run down a small alley. Not So SAHM

Running the alleys – ProjectEdit365 – 16 Dec

The original was dark. Hop over to Project Edit 365 to see the original. I was running out of media space on this blog so I did what I should have done from the beginning, created a separate blog for it.

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Hotel Warm Springs

**I’ve migrated my ProjectEdit365 posts over to their own blog! This blog was running out of space for media storage. Head over to ProjectEdit365 to see this full post!**

Each December it’s a tradition for my family to meet in Warm Springs and Pine Mountain, Georgia to shop the shops and attend Callaway Garden’s Fantasy In Lights. Warm Springs is the small town where FDR would visit to take the waters to help with his polio. The Little White House is there. Hotel Warm Springs sits in the middle of the downtown area. It’s website says that it was host to quite a few famous people during Roosevelt’s time, even the King and Queen of Spain!

Hotel Warm Springs in the middle of downtown Warm Springs, GA. Not So SAHM

Hotel Warm Springs – ProjectEdit365 – 10 Dec

If only the modern cars weren’t parked in front! The original was pretty dark. . . Head over to ProjectEdit365 to see the original photo and read how I edited it.

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I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not feeling very creative with the edits recently! It may be the pool of pictures I have to choose from – I’m not too crazy about what I’ve taken in Decembers past and present. I’d like to do some noticeable, drastic edits, but most of my December pics are of the girls opening Christmas presents. Exactly 1.5 people want to see those pictures, and that’s none of y’all, I’m sure!

I did find this one, and it’s cute. We have a family tradition to see the Christmas Lights at Callaway Gardens every year and then do some shopping the next day in the cute little town. Here’s Reagan pretending to relax and daydream:

Girl sits on bench and daydreams. Not So SAHM

Daydreaming – ProjectEdit365 – 07 Dec

The original was cute but I wanted to give it a more special look. I cropped in to leave you wondering a little bit more about where she is. I ran a CoffeeShop Blog Preset and adjusted some of the settings to my liking. Then I used radial filters to highlight Reagan. Here’s the original:


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