Opening Gifts

They’ve always been so good about opening presents, sharing, and being thankful. I love this candid of them checking out some presents given to them during one of our visits to Georgia. The original was busy and yellow so I cropped in, went black and white, and. . . head over to Project Edit 365Continue reading “Opening Gifts”

Time for a Christmas Story

Their bond is so special to me. I pray that it’s as special to them when they grow up. I was practicing shooting at non-normal angles and I’m so glad I got this one. The focus isn’t so great, but the sentiment and action are priceless. I sharpened it and reduced the noise to helpContinue reading “Time for a Christmas Story”

She fully trusts her sister

There are sometimes when you’re taking pictures and you grab a shot that you end up loving. Editing can make it so much sweeter. My girls were still getting over their jet lag on our trip to Europe when we took a walk around Traben-Trarbach. They saw a swan in the river eating a headContinue reading “She fully trusts her sister”

Biltmore Sisters

I would love it if my girls would enjoy being my photo subjects. Like this one time when they didn’t mind posing for me on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate: This was another quick edit tonight. I really wanted to go black and white and be done with it, but I challenged myself toContinue reading “Biltmore Sisters”


There were never such devoted sisters. I like¬†how the light is set off by the darkness around their faces. There’s something about black and white, though. I’m not sure which I prefer. Either way, I wish I had my aperture set a little smaller to get both faces more in focus. Looking back at theContinue reading “Sisters”