Overview of Carmel and Point Lobos

It’s almost always hiking weather in Monterey, California. There’s a nice park there called Jack’s Peak that you reach by driving up a small mountain. The views from the park are magnificent. You have to walk through the forest to get to various vistas, but you get almost a 360 degree view of the surrounding lands: Monterey Bay, Salinas, Carmel Valley, and Carmel towards the Pacific Ocean.

This shot is looking southeast, over Carmel and towards Point Lobos, another beautiful hiking spot. It’s maybe a 5.5 mile distance as the crow flies (using this handy tool, because I’m terrible at distances). Everything is close by in the Monterey area.

Seeing this really makes me want to go back. We were only there for nine months. Enough to capture a little piece of my heart.

Looking out over Carmel from Jacks Peak Park to Point Lobos. Not So SAHM

Overview of Carmel to Point Lobos – ProjectEdit365 – 17 Jan

It was super bright this day! Head over to my project blog: Project Edit 365 to see how I brought back the color to the original photo. Thanks!

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Whale Breach

Y’all. There’s nothing like seeing a whale breach. There are much better pictures out there of breaches, but this editing challenge is about taking what you’ve got and making it usable. Using Lightroom I made my picture a little more dramatic.

A whale breaches in Monterey Bay California. Not So SAHM

Whale Breach – ProjectEdit365 – 09 Sep

I cropped the original for better composition and to straighten the horizon. I decreased the contrast and increased the highlights, whites, and clarity. I moved the tint slider more towards the magenta. I used two graduated filters, one for the water and one for the sky to make them more dramatic. I ended with a small vignette. The original:



~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Seal or Sea Lion?

Haaaayyy! While living in Monterey, we learned an easy way to tell the difference between seals and sea lions. Seals are grey-er, have no visible ear flaps, and slide more on their bellies on land. Sea lions have visible ear flaps and longer flippers (both front and back), and they tend to be browner. So, what is my happy little friend below?

A swimming sea lion lifts his flippers above the water in order to regulate his body temperature. Not So SAHM

Seal or Sea Lion? – ProjectEdit365 – 08 Sep

He’s lifting his flippers out of the water to regulate his body temperature. These guys were everywhere in Monterey Bay. They were curious, loud, and their roosts were *stinky*! The original photo was dark and dull. I cropped in to compose the picture better. I increased the clarity, vibrance, and saturation. I decreased the shadows and contrast. I adjusted individual color sliders to make the color of the water stand out a little better. I used an adjustment brush on his eye to sharpen it a bit. I ended with a small vignette. Here’s the original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Golden Gate Haze

There’s almost always haze lazing over San Francisco. This isn’t a great photo, *but* it’s much better than the original. And, as it turns out, it’s one of the only photos I have left of our trip to San Francisco. I did the UNSPEAKABLE as a photographer. When we got home, I did not back up my files. And several months down the road, as we were preparing for another trip, I just assumed that I *had* backed up all the files. Format. Realize error. Cry. Kick myself every time I think about it. Sigh.

The Golden Gate Bridge sits in haze behind some trees in the foreground. NotSoSAHM

Golden Gate Haze – ProjectEdit365 – 07 Sep

The original was very hazy and dull. I increased the exposure, highlights, and vibrancy. I then used an adjustment brush to increase the clarity, contrast, and saturation of the bridge. I also used the individual red color slider to increase the saturation. I adjusted the hue and luminance to make it look the way I wanted. I used a different adjustment brush on the trees to decrease the shadows on them. I used a small vignette to finish it. So instead of a pretty unusable photo, I at least got something out of it! Here’s the original:



~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The Birds

Carmel River State Beach

Seagulls fly over Carmel River State Beach. Not So SAHM

The Birds – ProjectEdit365 – 22 Aug

I love how the clouds help make the birds look a little 3D. I also love how deep the sky is. My horizon was off just a touch so I cropped to straighten that. I increased the contrast and clarity to give it more of an HDR look. I didn’t like how sharp it made the water look so I used two separate adjustment brushes on the water to drop down the clarity and contrast on it. I also made the water temp a little bluer and it ended up mirroring the color of the sky a little better. I sharpened the whole picture and decreased the noise just a bit. The original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~