TV For Free (And Movies Too)

Thank you BooMama for letting us know about this. Should I really be thanking her? We turned off our cable so we wouldn’twatch tv. And now I’ve found a place online that will let me watch tv and movies. for free.

I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Sure, it’s good for the general masses. But for us, maybe not so good. We were just getting into the routine of learning to be happy with each other without the blaring boob tube. One positive thing I can say about this is that I can choose when I want to watch. It doesn’t have to be right at 7pm. Another positive aspect is freedom of choice. I can watch what I want. Provided it’s provided. And if hubby doesn’t want to watch, well, he can watch his own computer. I’ve even got headphones.

So, head on over to Hulu and get in your tv groove. Or get your movie on. Whatever those sayings are. A lot of the shows and movies are full-length. Some are clips. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Oh, and it’s a good feeling to stick it to the cable company who is charging us $10 a month to not have cable tv. How do you like that!

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2 thoughts on “TV For Free (And Movies Too)

  1. Even if I told Scotty about this, his response would be, “If I can’t watch Fox News and the History Channel, I’m not interested.” O’Reilly is his nighttime routine. And he loves watching the history stuff, especially when it’s about Biblical topics that they completely shred and/or try to disprove, because that really gets him going.

    But on this same note, we canceled a bunch of our channels on DirecTV just yesterday, specifically the movie ones. We never watch them, yet $35 a month was being charged and I thought to myself, “Hey, that’s a few good tops at Target!” So buh-bye to unnecessary programming. And with gas prices the way they are, every penny counts. I was going to blog about all this today, then I got your e-mail this moring. Go read my post–it’s Vicki-centric!

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