Friday 13: Great Things About The iPhone 3G

I guess I should title this: The Long But Great Day I Had Getting the iPhone 3G. It all started last night actually. I packed a snack bag and had Reagan pack some toys to keep her and Ashlyn occupied. I strategically found out when the store would be opening and that they indeed wouldContinue reading “Friday 13: Great Things About The iPhone 3G”

TV For Free (And Movies Too)

Thank you BooMama for letting us know about this. Should I really be thanking her? We turned off our cable so we wouldn’twatch tv. And now I’ve found a place online that will let me watch tv and movies. for free. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Sure, it’s goodContinue reading “TV For Free (And Movies Too)”

What a weekend (it includes a fight)!

We had a fairly eventful weekend and a good time as a family. Friday night our neighbors came over for our weekly installment of the Jeeves & Wooster series.   Can I say this is one of the greatest tv series ever put on tv? Cause it is. It’s clean, it’s funny, it’s British humor (whichContinue reading “What a weekend (it includes a fight)!”