Friday 13: Great Things About The iPhone 3G

I guess I should title this: The Long But Great Day I Had Getting the iPhone 3G. It all started last night actually. I packed a snack bag and had Reagan pack some toys to keep her and Ashlyn occupied. I strategically found out when the store would be opening and that they indeed would be selling the phone. Then I decided when I wanted to set my alarm to begin the day:

3:30 (that’s 0330 on the 24 hour clock, and coma time on my regular sleep schedule)

Of course, being the competitive soul that I am (remember the limbo) I couldn’t stand the thought of being so far back in line that they would run out of phones before they got to me…


  1. I couldn’t sleep so at 3:00 I got up and started the day.
  2. At 3:33 we were pulling out of the driveway.
  3. I pulled into the parking lot at 3:40 (a.m. remember) to the glad site of no other cars. Not even one! I win!
  4. I placed stroller in coveted “first in line” position and get back in car determined to keep me and the girls safe. Second person in line didn’t show up until 5:00. Amateurs. Actually, I’ve never done this before either.
  5. The first three people in line were females. Two of the three were SAHMS with young kids. How awesome is that. The other SAHM didn’t bring her kid though. I’m a bad mommy like that.
  6. My kids did awesome waiting 4 and a half hours for the store to open. We waited longer in that line than it took the movers to unload the truck the other day. Much less stressful though.
  7. I was just on t.v.! The camera crew showed up for the local NBC affiliate and, of course, they had to interview the nut job who’s first in line to see what the fuss is all about and why did I come out so early. Pics below.
  8. I chose a black phone. The white one was cool as well, but decided the black was more user friendly for both Du & me.
  9. The awesomeness of Ashlyn’s attitude outside the store did not last inside the store. I’m sure the camera man got some of that action as well. It did not make it to the small screen.
  10. After even more hours at home, and Apple having a complete server meltdown, and one more trip up to the store when I had absolutely no service at all, I finally got the phone up and running. Now I have to watch a 30 minute video explaining how to use all the features.
  11. I guess I should mention some of its features: It’s got internet and I can access it! The first sites I went to, of course, Not So SAHM and Sew Petit. Supposedly it’s lightening fast, but I couldn’t tell. I was driving at the time. Well, I was at a red light. NEVER AGAIN, I promise Du.
  12. It’s got the ipod. I still have to download songs. I’ve never owned an ipod. My last phone was an mp3 player as well, just not the be all and end all of mp3 players (sarcasm).
  13. It’s got GPS, and texting, and tons of applications you can add that I haven’t even found out about yet.

I know I’m not singing the praises of the phone enough. But I just got it working people! Here’s a couple of stills from the tv footage. I didn’t bother spiffing up at 0 dark 30 in the morning. Wouldn’t have mattered anyway. It was so humid.

Reagan and me at the FRONT of the 70+ person line. Ashlyn is behind the stroller…eating Doritos off the ground, I think.









I’m obviously contemplating the amazing technology bundled into the lightest little package. And theorizing how I’m going to use the iPhone 3G to better humankind. Or I’m watching a bird drop breakfast on my truck.

Now all that’s left to do is find the cutest little shell to protect my new gadget.


TV For Free (And Movies Too)

Thank you BooMama for letting us know about this. Should I really be thanking her? We turned off our cable so we wouldn’twatch tv. And now I’ve found a place online that will let me watch tv and movies. for free.

I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Sure, it’s good for the general masses. But for us, maybe not so good. We were just getting into the routine of learning to be happy with each other without the blaring boob tube. One positive thing I can say about this is that I can choose when I want to watch. It doesn’t have to be right at 7pm. Another positive aspect is freedom of choice. I can watch what I want. Provided it’s provided. And if hubby doesn’t want to watch, well, he can watch his own computer. I’ve even got headphones.

So, head on over to Hulu and get in your tv groove. Or get your movie on. Whatever those sayings are. A lot of the shows and movies are full-length. Some are clips. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Oh, and it’s a good feeling to stick it to the cable company who is charging us $10 a month to not have cable tv. How do you like that!

What a weekend (it includes a fight)!

We had a fairly eventful weekend and a good time as a family.

Friday night our neighbors came over for our weekly installment of the Jeeves & Wooster series.

 Jeeves & Wooster

Can I say this is one of the greatest tv series ever put on tv? Cause it is. It’s clean, it’s funny, it’s British humor (which I am just beginning to understand and appreciate) and it’s got Hugh Laurie in it. And when he’s paired with Stephen Fry it’s even better (they also were together in Black Adder Goes Forth and some other shows). We got the complete series for Christmas and we’re trying to get them all watched before we move. Because our neighbors like J&W too (and they’re British so they can explain things to us that we would completely miss otherwise). I made French Onion Soup from Julia Child’s book Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and it was fabulous.

French Cooking

Saturday Du took Reagan to Lowes for their bi-weekly build it series for kids. This time they made a little Jimmie Johnson race car. Can anyone tell NASCAR will be back soon? Later we all went to the CMU Jennie’s basketball game. I think that’s the first women’s basketball game I’ve been to. Ashlyn was interested for most of the game. We were surprised at how well she did. Vienna sausages and a cheese stick might have helped do the trick as well.

Today, after church, we headed up to the closest shopping around…45 minutes away. When going to Target is a major day out you know you live in a small town. Our new place of residence will have major shopping within minutes of our house…one of the reasons we chose to live there 🙂 This would have been a nondescript shopping experience were it not for

a kid slapping Ashlyn in the face while I was holding her.

I kid you not. We were standing around the water fountain explaining to Reagan the dangers and just plain grossness of licking the fountain (don’t ask). I was holding Ashlyn in my arms when a woman walked out of the bathroom with her two young sons. As they were walking past one just ups and slaps Ashlyn on the side of the face–hard. She begins to scream immediately. The mother is trying to scold her son and I’m standing there in shock. I’m giving one of the dirtiest looks I have ever given. I wasn’t able to move. My mind/body wanted to grab the kid and shake him, slap him back, yell at him…with curse words. Controlling myself by giving a nasty look was the only thing I could do. She blurted out that she was sorry, her son is autistic and adhd, but it didn’t sound very apologetic. That’s when the fear for my daughter shifted to compassion for this mother. Ashlyn was already starting to calm down and now all I could feel was remorse for wanting to take her kid to the ground. And of course her apology didn’t sound very apologetic–she probably has to apologize all the time. After walking away and catching my breath I went back over to her (she was still there because right after the boy slapped Ashlyn he beat his own brother and pushed him down) and let her know that Ashlyn was ok. I cried as I walked away knowing that this would affect us for maybe five minutes of our lives, this woman must deal with autism for the rest of hers.

 After Ashlyn’s first fight we then went to see THE PIRATES THAT DON’T DO ANYTHING!!!

 Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

That was a good movie, as are most things Veggie Tale (our personal favorite: “Do the Moo Shoo” song on the Ultimate Silly Song Countdown). Reagan is able to sit through a full-length feature now that she is almost six. Ashlyn, who is almost one, was able to go about five minutes before she started commenting on everything like she was on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Fortunately the theater wasn’t crowded and everyone else was in our same situation. We still kept her quiet to the best of our ability.

So, there you have it. Our crazy, fun, somewhat violent weekend.