Skirting the Issue

Clever title huh? Thought you were getting another controversial post from me, right?


You’re getting another little crafty post from me. The day after I finished my first dress–actually it was that same night–I decided I need a little more instant gratification and a boost of self-encouragement. So I constructed this:


In my cleverness I managed to hide my face, but I also managed to show how dirty the mirror is. (Swiffer has not come out with a mirror cleaner yet. Have I sung the praises of Swiffer yet on this blog?)

Back to the skirt. I did this literally in a couple of hours (just think of the possibilities) and I got the pattern for free! 

 newskirt newskirtfabric  Remember!?!?

It was pretty easy to construct. I only had to use four pattern pieces. Compare that to the 87 pieces for the dress (exaggeration). Back to the skirt. It’s got a waistband and a zipper. Zippers are actually easy to install. I didn’t say they were easy to make look good. Maybe that should be an aspiration of mine though. I even got to use the serger on this one.

And I’ve already worn this skirt out of the house. In public. At a meeting with other women. Who dress well. And one woman complimented me on how nicely I was dressed.


  • I think this fabric would actually look better as a pencil skirt, but there’s no going back now.
  • The skirt the lady in the pattern is wearing is closer to her knees. She altered the pattern folks.
  • I don’t care if it looks holiday-ish, I’m wearing this for the next five days of winter we have. I may even dare to wear it into spring.
  • Confidence-in-sewing-adult-clothes level: upgraded from suckiness to potentially decent.

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