News Flash: Project Runway begins TONIGHT!

9pm, 8 Central people. No excuses. From the looks of their bio pics Season 5 will not be a season of love like 4. Looks can be deceiving though, we all know that. Here’s to hoping they can all get along and just sew some fierce clothing. That’s the only reason I’m watching. Leave the drama at home, this ain’t Big Brother.

Season 5 Cast with the fabulous regulars

You may be wondering, “Vicki, if you don’t have cable how are you going to watch?” Thank you, my dear readers, for being so concerned. And I know you’d tape it for me in a heartbeat. However, God, in His infinite wisdom has pulled through yet again. When we moved here I asked for the “high speed” cable internet but no tv. I’ve written before that they charge a $10 “no tv” fee. I was all ready to accept that travesty of life when the customer service rep on the phone informed me that there’s a special: 12 months of basic cable for $10. Hello, I may be a little crazy but I’m not stupid. I’m frugal so I’d rather pay for something than pay for nothing. And 12 months is absolutely perfect timing.

Well, I turned on the tv the other day to watch myself look crazy waiting in line and low and behold!: I’ve got more than the basic channels, unless basic’s been pimped up down here, because I have Fox News too (that’s the only thing I checked for. I know, dork). So, until Charter realizes the error of their ways, or until I call and let them in on the secret I’ll be watching Season 5 of Project Runway from the comfort of my bedroom. OOOhhh, I’ve got the sewing room set up. I could just sew right along with them while I watch. That might demoralize me too much though…

So join me–virtually, please–and let’s have a little PR party. Maybe I’ll Twit through the whole thing.

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