Adventures in WiFi Searching

I’m free. For a couple hours. Du is the best father in the world because he has the girls on a Daddy/Daughter date. He likes doing those. Weekly. And now that we’re settled in after the move he can start doing those again.

I have designated Tuesday nights as scrapbooking night. Each Tuesday night I’m going to take a couple of hours to get my pics into an album. Once a month I’ll do it with the ladies in the neighborhood at the club house. Tonight I didn’t feel like going though. It’s been raining all day, which I’m actually happy about. The rain has given me a headache though. I wasn’t feeling very social, and I hadn’t gotten anything together. So I decided to head out to the nearest wifi hotspot and work on my Picaboo digital album.

This leads me to where I am now. I first tried a Panera Bread. Couldn’t even find a parking space. Headed back closer to home remembering that there’s a Books A Million I could try. Wait, is that another Panera I see? I actually got into this restaurant and the oneoutlet that is accessible to patrons was being used. And a bunch of teenage girls had just come in to eat, I guess. What do teenage girls like about Panera? I pulled into the BAM parking lot and reminded myself that there’s always Chick Fil-A, which wouldn’t be any less crowded than the first Panera I tried. We truly are a nation that would rather eat out than eat at home (too expensive for us though). Thankfully there was an outlet with my name on it and a quiet corner just for me at BAM.

So here I sit and I haven’t started scrapbooking yet. I did want to let you know some things I’ve observed so far:

  • gum that comes in a plastic case you can attach to your key chain. How cool is that. I want one.
  • sunflower seeds…covered in candy coated chocolate. Where have you been all my life?
  • a woman speaking on the cell phone in an accent I can only place as French with strong Eastern European tendencies. Couldn’t figure out what she was saying.
  • a kid begging his dad to buy him a toy every day of the week. Apparently this dad only gets to see his kid a couple of days a week. I laugh knowing that what is first and foremost important to the kid is possessions…and feel sorry for the dad. But I know that kid will come to realize how much his father did for him when he was little. Then he’ll feel bad for bugging his dad about the toys he didn’t have and be grateful for the ones Daddy did buy him. And from what Daddy says, he buys the kid something each weekend. Too much in my opinion, but when you’re divorced you gotta go to extremes sometimes. 

Off to scrapbook. I promise.

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in WiFi Searching

  1. Alright, you. You do digital scrapbooking? Are you digital when you go the clubhouse? I’ve got a whole suitcase full of scrapbooking supplies that I often look at and want to play with, but my digital pictures are always on the camera, the computer and nowhere else. Do you just take your memory card to a photo printing place?

    I’ve checked out a couple digital scrapbooking websites and they are all so expensive 😦

  2. I read your comment over at AFRO- You are right- Some ADHD kids need special/different learning environments- I think ADHD would have excelled at homeschooling, but it was not an option for us due to work- However, we are sooooo blessed where we live to have a small private school that caters to kids with ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities. Most of the teachers have doctrates and have taught for years- It is SUCH a blessing and we owe SOOO much to the school. It was started by a lady educator who had trouble with her sons when they were growing up- She saw a need in our town and started it- It has grown by leaps and bounds- ADHD loves the smaller environment and will be able to graduate from there!
    Sorry to ramble….

  3. Now I know what BAM means. (My feeder is clearly not keeping up with the blogs on it!)

    I’ve never tried digital scrapboooking. I’d probably like it, but I enjoy the “old” way too much to ditch it.
    Actually, I guess that’s not completely true. For our 20-year reunion (or anti-reunion) I made little books for each of my seven high school friends. Each books was just alike (unlike the hand-done books I did for each one’s b-day a few years back) but I didn’t use any scrapbooking software. Just plain ole Word.

    It’s good that you get your own time and that Du and the girls get theirs, too.

    I hope you’re right about the kid and that he doesn’t grow up to just be a materialistic little brat! I know WAYYYY too many of those right now.

  4. Kerith:

    I haven’t actually completed my first digital project. I’m almost finished though. All the things I’ve used so far have been free. There are sites out there with free papers, embellishments, etc. I’ll send you the one or two that I know of if you’d like.

    After doing some quick figures in my head I think that digital scrapbooking will cost about the same as traditional scrapping.

    With traditional sbooking I had to pay for albums (archival quality), paper, embellishments, pens, etc. The paper and embellishments are one-time use items. With digital sbooking I’ve been able to find free paper and embellishments that I can use OVER and OVER again. I will have to pay to get the book created, but if I wanted to I could print them out and put them in a traditional album. The digital book is a little expensive, BUT that’s the only thing I’m paying for.

    AND there’s less mess. A big plus for me. I’m always on the computer anyway so I can just pull up Picaboo (the site I’m working on for my first album) and do a little work whenever I have time. Nothing to put away afterwards.

    I’m sure I’ll write a post comparing the two once I finally get this first book ordered. So far it’s been very easy.

    Kelly: What a great idea! I love people watching. Posting about that would be neat. Or really boring to my readers. Maybe I’ll only post if something exciting happens…

    Nicole: See my note to Kerith. Materialistic brats…I think my kids are some of the only ones of their generation that won’t be those, haha. Don’t all parents say that though…

    Drama Mama: We’ve had our email convo. Thanks for getting in touch with me!

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